When things go south, concerning health or any other aspect of your well-being, all you can do is gather as much of your strength as you possibly can, and rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Living in a world that’s becoming way too appreciative of the physical with little or no commitment to our psychological or emotional development, it’s kind of hard to keep up and live up to everyone’s expectations. And why should we? Well, it’s simple – we are all social beings and we need other people to survive. However, abandoning all we know is right and dismissing the good choices for the sake of trivial, every-day obsessions and topics is simply not worthy of our time, our glowing personas and all things in between.

Somehow, committing to healthy choices, regular workouts and a size down have become the it thing lately, all for the wrong reasons. Just like this print or that cut is trending for a season, so are fitness and organic food the new black of the trade, when they are supposed to be the first choice, always.

Instead of adopting the health-mania obsession (that goes hand in hand with the latest promoted athleisure wear that fits perfectly with your salad-based lunch) for a season, choose it on the long run as your lifestyle. That way, your body will be upbeat, you’ll generally feel better, you will drop down a size or two and your overall health will immensely improve.

Unfortunately, like all good things in life – organic diet is not cheap. It will cost you more than a few bucks, but it’ll be worth it. Good news is that, for starters, there are a few things you can move around and plan your organic nutrition so that you stay on a budget but still keep things healthy around the house.

Here are some of the advice you can adopt in order to sync up your diet and your (thin) wallet.

Explore the local market

Organic produce sold at supermarkets or specialized organic stores tend to cost way more than they would’ve on your local market. The reason for that is the obvious ROI that marketers hope to get the most of. And you can’t blame them – it’s an expensive investment, and everyone’s looking to earn a buck. Alas, you have to think about your own buck now, so we’d always recommend the local market as your first organic supply choice. On top of that, local markets usually cultivate home-based businesses so, by purchasing at the premises of these establishments instead of organic food chains, you would be contributing to your hard-working, committed local community growth. How amazing is that?

Seed it up yourself

If you are one to garden and have a neck for these kinds of things, growing some vegetables on your own would be a real money-saver. Sure, you would need a lot of time, patience, a proper lot and quality soil to make it happen, but we’re positive you’d get there eventually.

Embrace recycling

Recycling is one of the most common ways with which we can help our gorgeous planet Earth; but, at the same time – it may be a way to earn some money. How? Explore your local recycling businesses and see if any of them is interested in buying off products for recycling from you. They’ll further need it for their investments and what not, while you’ll stay environmentally-conscious with a few extra dollars in your pocket!

Also, you could look for second-hand stores that sell high-quality, barely worn clothes; you’d be surprised with all you can find on the internet these days, if you implement just a little patience. Oftentimes, these stores are big on recycled materials and natural fabrics, so be sure to enjoy your choices. Apart from that, you can find new clothes online, like dresses at low price and cheap adult-wear in all sizes.

Opt for organic makeup

Organic make-up sold at stores is extremely expensive (again, the ROI thing) so not many people can afford it. However, luckily for everyone who is not embracing organic for show and cash inflow but out of pure convention and reason, there are some amazing online stores that offer a wonderful range of cruelty free beauty products at pretty affordable prices. Truth is, investing in organic make-up is saving you money in the long run as this type of makeup and products last longer and doesn’t require too much of the product when initially applied, anyway.