Drug addiction is a difficult experience to overcome. Many people find themselves physically dependent on illegal and prescription drugs for a variety of reasons. Having a drug addiction is not reflective of someone’s character. Addiction is difficult to overcome because of the way drugs alter brain chemistry. Science is the reason why drug addiction is prevalent and a challenge to overcome. Many highly addictive drugs force our brain to become dependent on the drug for feel-good chemicals, and generally, the more often a drug is taken, the higher dosage the person will need to achieve the same effect. If a person becomes dependent on the euphoric feelings of the drugs, it can be very easy to develop an addiction.


Desire to Change

Overcoming drug addiction is possible, but we have to understand that it is not a question of willpower. Drug addiction is a brain illness, but it is treatable with the correct procedures. The only thing every person that struggles with addiction needs is the desire to change. Addiction is not a character flaw and often can be caused by a variety of factors, including extreme amounts of stress and self-esteem issues. Some people are genetically predisposed to addiction and can find themselves addicted to prescription medication that they receive following a medically necessary procedure.

Recognize the Need for Change

Like with many issues in life, the first step to overcoming addiction is recognizing the need for change. Recovery is possible for every person that struggles with addiction, and there are ample resources for treatment and support out there, but no one can initiate this change except you. Recognizing the need for change is the first and most important step towards recovery. It can take a long time for someone to realize they need to recover and are capable of sobriety, but it does happen. It can be difficult to give up the drug that has given your euphoric release, but recovery is knowing that drugs are a false impression of happiness. Drugs debilitate people and destroy lives. Recovery is committing to changing what true happiness means to you. It is also regaining control over your life, emotion, and the addiction itself.

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How to Inspire Change

A great way to start is to recognize that drug use is not healthy and is detrimental to your life. It can be helpful to record how much and how often you use your medication. Many people who struggle with addiction fail to see how much their addiction takes over their lives before this exercise. Another great way to inspire change is to list the negatives of drug usage on your life, finances, and others. Ask yourself if the drug is worth sacrificing so many vital parts of your life. Choose the important parts of your life. Choose yourself over the drug. It can be grounding to ask your loved ones about how your drug use has impacted their life.

Addiction Treatment

Recovery should be presided over by medical specialists to help alleviate the stress for the person struggling. Most recovery programs are a combination of detoxification, behavioral therapy, and medication.

Residential treatment is the most rigorous and strictest form of rehabilitation treatment. It requires the person struggling to live in a facility away from their friends and family. It is a very intensive treatment that can span months and can be emotionally and physically taxing. This form of recovery is highly suggested for individuals that find themselves with little self-control and have experienced drastic effects on their life from drug use.

People that are struggling with addiction but looking for less intensive care can opt for a day treatment or partial hospitalization program. In these recovery programs, patients will still have ongoing medical monitoring but be able to sustain a stable home life. You can also find an online partial hospitalization program for patients that are unable to leave their home but are still seeking an intensive recovery program. These types of programs tend to last for six to eight hours a day. And the least intensive form of treatment is an outpatient treatment where those struggling with addiction can schedule programs around their work or school. It is a common form of treatment for those that have already completed intensive recovery programs. It is primarily used to stop future relapse.

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There are a lot of ways to overcome addiction, and everyone’s recovery journey is different. Some people may overcome addiction before others, and some may have more setbacks than others. A successful recovery is an ongoing one.