With an over-abundance of health and fitness information coming from different channels such as social media and TV, getting reliable information can be a challenge. In particular, the information available on the internet regarding nutrition can be misleading and conflicting. The average person might not have the time or the knowledge to distinguish between nutritional information that is credible and that is not. It is one of the goals of Herbalife to solve this problem through their extensive network of Herbalife Nutritional Clubs and distributors.

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About Herbalife Nutrition

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Herbalife Nutrition has positioned itself as one of the nutritional products industry leaders through a track record of excellence going back four decades. The products developed by Herbalife are formulated to be effective, safe, and made from the purest ingredients. Some of the world’s biggest sporting organizations and elite athletes use Herbalife products to meet their nutritional needs. Some leading athletes are ambassadors of Herbalife Nutrition, while some have collaborated with Herbalife to develop certain Herbalife products to improve the quality of fitness in their sport. Herbalife Nutrition is also active in improving the nutritional habits of communities around the globe by delivering nutritious food and reliable nutritional information.

What Is an Herbalife Nutrition Club?

At a Herbalife Nutrition Club, members are offered a community-based environment where they can enroll in fitness classes or enjoy a nutritious meal made from Herbalife products. There are more Herbalife Nutrition Clubs in the world than Starbucks stores. At these clubs, members can try a healthy shake using Herbalife protein power without having to buy the entire product. These clubs are not retailers of Herbalife products; the retail distribution is done through a separate network. Along with fitness classes and nutritious meals, Herbalife Nutritional Clubs offers guidance, advice, and encouragement for members of all fitness levels.

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Credible Nutritional Information  

Herbalife understands that every individual’s fitness goals and nutritional needs are unique, resulting in different nutritional supplements and die requirements. A primary goal of Herbalife Nutrition is to educate the independent distributors and provide ongoing support at the point of need.

Herbalife has achieved this goal through an interactive app that ensures credible nutritional and fitness information is readily available to its distributors. The app is available on the mobile platform and has already won an award in 2020 for the Best Advance in Creating an Extended Enterprise Learning Program. The award was from Brandon Hall Group. This award from a well-known research firm underlines the importance of providing independent distributors with the right tools that they can use to share credible nutritional information in their communities.

The mobile app is not the only way Herbalife supports its distributors. There are blogs and customer support portals available for guidance. There is also plenty of nutritional education material that Herbalife has created for the independent distributors. This material is created by medical experts, nutritional specialists, registered dietitians, and fitness experts.

Power of Coaching

Herbalife Nutrition serves as nutrition and fitness coaches for its customers. The company believes in cultivating a personal relationship with its customer base so they help the customers achieve their health and wellness goals. Understanding the customer is a key component of coaching them toward achieving their goals. It provides context to what motivates them, their unique challenges, and how these challenges can be overcome. Whether it is sports performance, weight loss, behavior change, or any other type of wellness goal, Herbalife believes in working with its customers to educate them on the right information, including nutritional information. Getting the right information to the customers can have a transformative effect that can last a lifetime.

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