Human civilization has progressed from a bicycle to bullet train, but has not found satisfactory methods to human-related problems. For example, there are only high-end cancer treatments available and they cannot be  afforded by everyone. Similarly, there are many oral health issues which are still looking towards age-old treatments that cause a lot of pain and are invasive. In recent times, things are changing and people are hopeful as the field of dentistry is looking to escalate itself to a more affordable and effective grounds. One can observe this change if they can see the new treatment called the Pinhole Surgical Technique for Gum Recession. Previously, Tustin dentist used the method of gum grafting, which was painful and required considerable time for recovery. Let’s examine this new technique and learn about gum recession to get a clear understanding.

Gum Recession

Gum Recession is a common problem that can be observed with most individuals. It can be caused by natural aging or periodontal diseases or bad brushing habits. In the case of natural aging, the gum tissue gradually decreases exposing more of the gum line. The periodontal diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis weaken the gums leading to the loss of gum tissue. Whereas, bad brushing habits like forceful application of the bristles to the gum line can bruise the gum tissue. All these come under “gum recession”.

This is not a serious case until the roots of the teeth become visible or exposed. When this happens, the oral health of an individual degenerates in a rapid succession and can lead to tooth decay. People can identify gum recession with symptoms such as longer-looking teeth, bleeding, inflammation, sensitive teeth, etc. If the situation is not controlled the oral health becomes almost impossible to recover. Therefore, dentists suggest the use of treatments such as the Pinhole Surgical Technique before actually facing severe consequences.

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Pinhole Surgical Technique

The Pinhole Surgical Technique can be called as a replacement method for gum grafting. While gum grafting where use of tissue from palate, splicing the gum and stitching is required; the PST does not require such invasive steps to counter the gum recession. In fact, the technique was developed after years of research by Dr. John Chao who found it hard to witness gum grafting as the only effective treatment for gum recession.

The Process of PST

The Pinhole Surgical Technique does not involve complex procedures or require the presence of many assistants in the operating room. The dentist with the help of a needle creates a tiny hole in the gum tissue of the patient. After the hole is created, special instruments or tools are inserted in order to loosen the existing tissue on the gum line. The special tools help in the expansion of the existing gum tissue, thereby covering the exposed root of the teeth. Although, the procedure is slightly invasive patients found this as an easier method when compared to splicing and stitching involved in gum grafting.

Pinhole surgical technique

The Benefits of PST

The greatest advantage found in Pinhole Surgical Treatment is the recovery period. The patient will find that he\she has recovered in 1-2 days. In addition, the absence of the use of surgical tools, scalpels and other painful instruments makes the PST an incredibly effective way to deal with gum recession. Further, there is no need of sutures or tissues from donor. Once the patient is recovered, the effects will last very long and the oral hygiene will improve automatically.

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The PST has proven that dentistry need not always use costly methods and painful techniques to heal something. Dental researchers are hopeful that there would be more innovative and less invasive dental surgical methods that could help human beings resolve their oral problems easily. Hopefully, there will be safer methods in the future that are more suitable to the progress we made as a civilization.