Contact lenses are devices that you can wear directly on the cornea of your eye. Contacts are almost like eyeglasses as they correct any errors on your eye’s refraction. It adds and subtracts the focusing power of your cornea and lens. They provide you an effective and safe way to correct your vision. And the chances of you getting any damages from wearing them is extremely low, especially if you’re keen on following your optometrist or ophthalmologist advice. If you’re currently wearing eyeglasses and you’re thinking of switching to wearing contact lenses, it’s essential that you’re informed of the pros and cons. You should remember that every object has its advantages, as well as its disadvantages. This is why you should know the different pros and cons of contact lenses.

The Advantages of Using Contact Lenseslenses

You may be one of those people who feel that they’re more attractive if they don’t have glasses most of the time. If you’re someone who thinks they’re fashionable, then you may prefer wearing contact lenses over eyeglasses. Contact lenses don’t interfere with your wardrobe, and they don’t hang on your nose every second of your waking hours.

1.) No artificial barrier

When you’re wearing eyeglasses, you may be feeling that you’re viewing everything through a screen. However, contact lenses don’t give that kind of sensation.

2.) Easy to keep clean

There are daily disposable lenses that you can wear for a day, and then dispose of them after. You don’t need to clean or care for them. And other contacts can be cleaned using a particular solution. Your eyes can also clean your contact lens, since every time you blink dirt and debris are removed.

3.) Improved all-around vision

If you wear eyeglasses, the objects in front of you are the things that get clearer. However, contact lenses will give a clear an all-around vision. This is ideal for people who love to move, like athletes and motorists.

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4.) Suitable for all weather conditions

One of the best advantages of using contacts is that unlike glasses, they don’t get affected by the weather.

Contacts don’t:

  • Steam up when there’s temperature change
  • Become foggy during bad weather
  • Collect rain
  • Accumulate deposits due to the weather

5.) Easy to use

Contacts are easy and quick to use, and they’re also easy to remove.

How to accurately place contact lens:

  • Clean your hands.
  • Rinse your lens using the cleaning solution.
  • Put the contacts on the tip of your finger.
  • Use your other hand to hold your upper eyelid.
  • Use the fingers on your other hand that’s not holding the lens to drag down your lower eyelid.
  • Look up, and then put the lens on your lower area of your eyeball.
  • Slowly remove both of your hands, so your eye can close for a while.
  • So the lens can center, blink a couple of times.
  • If you are uncomfortable, take the lens out.

How to properly remove the contacts:

  • Make sure your hands are clean.
  • Look up, then drag down your lower eyelid.
  • Touch the lowest part of your lens using your index finger.
  • Lower the contacts down to your eye’s white part.
  • Squeeze the lens using thumb and index finger.

6.) Convenient

Contact lenses are more convenient than eyeglasses; they’re easy to fit and use in any situation. And what makes things better, your eyes won’t be hidden behind those silly glasses anymore.

The Disadvantages of Using Contact Lenses

You may be excited when you first get your pair of contacts, but you should remember that there are disadvantages that set in straight away or with time. At times, what seems like a great idea at the moment you’ve bought the lenses may not always work out.

1.) You need to handle them with care.lenses1

Contacts are sensitive objects, and you need to be careful when using them. You also need to clean and disinfect them regularly and make sure that you only wear them when necessary.

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2.) Your risk of getting infections, scratches, and scrapes increases.

If you improperly wear and care for your contacts, you’re correctly going to get eye infections.

You may get these eye infections:

  • Pinkeye
  • Keratitis
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Bacteria

3.) Few people can’t comfortably wear them.

Some people may find it uncomfortable to wear contacts, and you may end up feeling that way too. However, you may get used to them if you continuously use them.

4.) It can cost more than eyeglasses.

The costs of cleaning and disinfecting solutions can be pricey at times. And you may need to regularly replace your contacts, as they’re not meant to be worn a lot of times. 

5.) You may need to wear protective eyewear.

In some work areas, you may need to wear protective gears so your eyes can be kept safe.

Contact lenses in New Zealand and the rest of the world can give you a freed state of mind, which means that you don’t need to worry about misplacing them. And since they’re in touch directly with your eyes, you’ll be able to see as close the “standard” eyesight as possible. And if you’re concerned about looking good, contacts can provide you with choices, since you choose from different colors and style. However, you should remember that when you experience any discomfort or pain from using your contact lenses, make sure to remove them immediately. You should also contact your eye doctor, and get yourself checked immediately.

Tyson Wilson

Tyson is studying to be an optometrist and eye care professional. He first became interested in optometry  when he was very young. Today he loves to write for Lenses Online and enjoys sharing information about contact lenses and other eye related topics. He hopes to graduate soon so he can start to help people to care for their eyes and see better