How Dental Problems May Indicate Other Health Problems

Dental problems may leave your gums sore and bleeding, your teeth sensitive, your enamel pitted and decayed, and your tongue dry. However, these issues may also indicate underlying health issues that are even more concerning to your health care practitioner. Take note of these four health problems that may appear on your practitioner’s radar when you begin complaining of dental issues.


If you have diabetes, you know how prone you are to high blood sugar, especially after eating certain foods. However, frequent bouts of high blood sugar may open you up to a variety of dental health issues. In particular, high blood sugar levels can lead to gum disease, which can eventually lead to tooth loss if it is not reversed. In addition, you may notice that you have a very dry mouth. Without proper care, perpetually dry mouth can lead to increased tooth decay. Finally, mouth sores and oral fungal infections may indicate an underlying blood sugar issue.

Cardiovascular Issues

You may not have believed your dentist when he told you that good dental health was tied to good overall health. However, this is particularly true of your cardiovascular health. When you have infections in your mouth, such as bacterial or fungal infections of the mouth or gums, the infection can quickly travel throughout your blood stream and is particularly apt to settle around the heart, leading to endocarditis.


If you have jaw issues that are leading to tooth loss due to the lack of a strong connection between the roots of your teeth and the underlying bone, this could indicate that you have osteoporosis. Osteoporosis leads to weakness in bones throughout your body and may lead to gum disease and tooth loss as your jawbones break down.

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Eating Disorders

Both anorexia and bulimia injure your teeth over time. While you may not notice this immediately, acids passing over your teeth from vomiting can corrode your tooth enamel, leading to decay, yellowing of the teeth and eventual tooth loss. On the other hand, with anorexia, your teeth will not receive the nutrients they need to remain healthy and tooth loss may occur due to the breakdown of the bones in which the teeth are implanted. A dentist from a clinic like Rabel Family Dentistry may be the first one to notice this problem if you have it.

Dental issues do occur alone at times and may pop up merely as indicators that you have not taken proper care of your mouth with regular flossing and brushing. They may also indicate genetic concerns or occur as side effects to certain medications. However, by knowing how your dental issues may be connected to the four issues listed above, you can be on the lookout for more pressing health concerns that may be lurking just beneath the surface.