The world of science and technology is a never stopping one, and thanks to these continuous progress, today mankind has several amazing compounds to solve everyday issues. Today we will be discussing one such very common but not so popular compound Trisodium phosphate. 

Before we tell you the reasons for it being an incredible chemical, let us have a brief introduction of trisodium phosphate. It is an inorganic compound, it is more like a salt, as it is created with a reaction between acid and a base; however, the nature of this compound is basic, and one can use it for several domestic tasks. It is one of the best things about the TSP. If this intro is not enough for you, then you must Read more about TSP Cleaner  to know better through that detailed account. 

Here we will only highlight the uses, and benefits of trisodium phosphate, so that whenever you might see a pack of edible items having TSP in its ingredients you should know that it is safe to have it. Let us get started. 

Preserving frozen food 

If you are preparing pickles, or jams, or something that has to stay in your freezer for a long span of time, then it is best to sprinkle a few grains of TSP. It is a highly neutral compound which will keep your food fresh for a longer period. At commercial scale, many frozen food selling companies are using trisodium phosphate as a salt to preserve food. 

The reason why it keeps the food fresh is its ability to keep the PH of the food neutral. It will not let any compounds make food acidic, and thus make them stale. Moreover, it is also very essential to prevent any kind of fungi and other mirco-organsims to destroy the food. 

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For baking 

In baking they use a leavening agent. It is used to keep the baked items in shape. For example, in baking croissants you will need something to get the classical shape of the baked item. TSP is a great alternative for leavening agent, and many baking companies use it to get the ideal shape and look of the baked item. 

Keeping items fresh 

One incredible and amazing quality of TSP is moisture retention. In many edible items, moisture is a main ingredient. If they get dry, they will no longer be the same. If you also happen to make meatballs, or sausages, then you will also need TSP. 

To clean mildew and gardens 

Another important benefit of TSP is in cleaning. You might be surprised to know, but it can kill unwanted mildew in your garden pretty easily. All you need to do is get a sod cutter, which will first clean the grass, and then you can sprinkle TSP on it. You will continuously need to sprinkle it, and then within a few days the mildew will be gone. You can learn more about sod cutters through this source