Dental health is of paramount importance. People today don’t just want clean teeth, but a perfect smile. And the aim of rejuvenation/holistic dentistry is just that. It is also called integrative dentistry. Gradually, it’s becoming prevalent in most parts of the world.

Rejuvenation Dentistry

What is rejuvenation dentistry?

Simply put, rejuvenation dentistry blends western dental practices with new age therapies like homeopathy, meditation, and acupuncture. It concentrates on four crucial factors, i.e., the physical body, the mind, social environment and the spirit. Hence, the approach of a rejuvenation dentist is categorically different than a traditional or a regular dentist.

The areas of difference – Traditional vs. Rejuvenation Dentistry

A rejuvenation dentist treats the patient with a holistic mindset. These dentists don’t see infected teeth as a separate body part. Instead, they view the affected tooth as something that connects to the whole body. A complete health analysis is crucial even when it’s about treating one tooth or a part of the upper or lower jaw. Research indicates that dental and gum health has an association with heart health as well. A rejuvenation dentist would discover this connection and arrive at a holistic treatment.

Holistic dentist moves beyond your dental issues and takes an in-depth look at a patient’s health. Conventional dentists focus on the affected teeth, gum or jaw and its treatment. They don’t try to connect a dental issue with any other health-related patterns or discomforts.

The workings of a traditional and rejuvenation dentist are entirely different. It’s not about preparing amalgam fillings. Instead, a holistic dentist understands the harsh effects of mercury on the health.  Research and studies reveal that mercury has many toxic effects on the human body. Inhaling mercury vapor maximizes your chances of developing systemic ailments. Furthermore, it brings the immunity level down.

Hence, rejuvenation dentists are more in support of BPA free dental white fillings instead of the mercury fillings. These white fillings are way safer and are also invisible. No one would notice that a section of your decayed teeth got filled. Also, dental fillings that have BPA go and react with your hormone levels. It might lead to other health hazards. For all kinds of mercury-free dental fillings, you need to visit a holistic dentist.

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Understanding the nature of a smile

Rejuvenation dentistry entirely focuses on the biology bit when it comes to treatments. It draws in inferences from various scientific research and observation of our chewing system. It’s a compact dental treatment method where:

  • Your muscles are completely relaxed
  • Your jaws are better and stable than before
  • Your teeth correct fit the alignment
  • Your teeth aren’t worn down

Therefore, people who opt-in for rejuvenation dentistry tend to enjoy the following:

  • As much preservation possible of natural teeth
  • High-end aesthetics
  • Comfort and zero a headache
  • Healthy dental health in the long run
  • Enhanced dental function after the treatment
  • Alleviation of any dysfunction or pain
  • An enhancement of appearance

However, no way should rejuvenation dentistry be considered the same as cosmetic dentistry. It’s true that both branches of dentistry will result in a pair of pearly white teeth. However, holistic dentistry has an added benefit. It makes the patients look younger than before. And the process starts off with precise diagnosis and treatment of three crucial things. They are as follows:

  • Complete restoration of our chewing system to a functional system as a whole. It relaxes the jaw joint muscles for minimizing the joint stress. It relaxes the facial tissue. Hence there is minimal or no facial stress as well.
  • Holistic dentistry aims to heal the co-relation between the lower and upper teeth. It enables teeth contact. Therefore, there’s no excess force owing to grinding. It reduces the chances of clenching as well.
  • Your teeth receive its ideal form. Hence, the tooth has its natural glow and beauty now. Also, you can chew your food better.

Understanding Full Mouth Rejuvenation Dentistry

Simply put, rejuvenation dentistry indicates any kind of restorative dentistry that repairs, replaces missing or broken teeth, tissue or bones. The types of dentistry that fall under this branch include the following:

  • A complete mouth rejuvenation
  • Dental crown placement
  • Dental implant restorations
  • Dental bridge placements
  • A thorough TMJ treatment
  • Replacement of old metal filling
  • Dental inlays and onlays
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A conventional dentist is capable of conducting most of these dental treatments. However, it is essential to consult the dentist before you say yes to the procedures. It will help you to assess the therapeutic dentistry outcome. Also, you can have a check of the earlier rejuvenations done by the dentist.

There are several advantages of a full mouth rejuvenation dentistry treatment. It includes the following:

  • It helps to heal periodontal ailments
  • It analyses the bite position and makes the necessary changes to attain a comfortable bite
  • Ensures complete repair of any chipped, cracked or broken teeth
  • Alleviates all tooth decay
  • Substitute all the old metal fillings using porcelain restorations that match the natural teeth color

Stress and erratic lifestyle are two factors that result in poor health conditions. It is also applicable for our dental health. Stress and eating disorders have a direct impact on our dental health. So full mouth rejuvenation dentistry takes a holistic approach to your existing TMJ issues or crooked teeth and treats the same.

Why should you consider rejuvenation dentistry?

Other than the immediate physical benefits there are several reasons to opt-in for holistic dentistry. The idea that no part of our body works in isolation is the premise of all holistic treatments. Hence, tooth decay or gum problem can be due to an underlying emotional issue. Rejuvenation dentistry aims to treat the dental issue as a whole and balance both the physical and nervous system. It results in a stress-free living. Also, it encourages taking good care of his/her dental health going forward.

A smile is one of the most beautiful features a man/woman can have. Having a pair of pearly white, healthy teeth gives you confidence and radiates joy. Sometimes, owing to ailments, heredity or improper lifestyle dental defects develop and aggravate. Rejuvenation dentistry can help with its holistic approach and heal all underlying emotional and physical reasons that gave rise to the dental defect back to normalcy.