Travelling is one of the most exciting things to do in life. There are many things to consider and rules to follow before, during and even after the journey. The world is full of majestic places that are definitely inviting for a trip. If you are currently looking for an ideal country to visit, Italy gives a lot of most promising spots to enjoy your vacation. To be specific, Lake Como is situated at the heart of various holiday destinations that are irresistible.

Lake Vomo Spa

Here is the list of the top things to do in Lake Como for your guidance:


Food lovers have all the reasons to enjoy the privilege of eating all the way. It is because Lake Como offers a place to learn cooking your favorite gnocchi and pasta. You can learn the techniques to cook Italian gnocchi taste and home-made pasta. Italy takes pride of the presence of numerous expert and experienced chefs who have unique cooking styles.


You can spend your leisure time wandering and shopping around. Lake Como is surrounded by interesting local shops and designer boutiques that meet the different taste of shoppers locally and internationally. You will find a lot of clothes, homewares and shoes that are both cost efficient and priced.

Visiting the Church

Como has its own cathedral made up of museum-quality art and lace-like stone that makes it more inviting. The cathedral’s interior and exterior designs reflect the town and the country’s rich culture and religion. You are going to learn a lot if you spend a little time for this marvelous place.

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Enjoy hiking in the nearby Alps wherein you can seek for alpine guide to take you to the Swiss Alps foothills. This is one of the most exciting and most interesting things to do. In fact, most tourists cannot complete their vacation without going for a hike in this place.


Make your dreams come true as you visit Lake Como. Aero Club Como is the town’s flying school and is considered totally different in Europe. It is a great opportunity to get a pilot’s license. Learn how to land or take off a plane.


Through the presence of your local guide, you can relax by just looking at the natural views of Lake Como and its private villas. Some places to go are Villa Carlotta, German Chancellor Adenauer, and Villa la Collina. Here, you can enjoy the views of romantic and neo-classical paintings and statues.