healthy summer travel

When you’re right in the midst of summer, it can be the perfect time to travel Many of us are busy planning and taking trips, whether that’s across the state, the country or the world. While summer is a fantastic time to explore and gain new experiences, you also don’t want to worry about health concerns that could derail your vacation and travel plans.

Below are simple ways to make sure you stay healthy, regardless of where you’re traveling this summer.

Sip Plenty of Water

When you travel and you’re caught up in the excitement of the journey and your eventual destination, it can be hard to remember to stay hydrated, but not doing so while on vacation can be harmful and potentially deadly. This is especially true when you’re traveling to places that are very hot, which can lead you to feel the effects of dehydration in an even more apparent way. As soon as you begin your travels, make sure you have a container of fresh water with you because even a plane ride can increase dehydration. As well as drinking plenty of water, try not to overdo it on the caffeine and sugar-filled drinks, since they can deplete your body of even more water.

Protect Yourself Against Mosquitoes

Zika is one of the biggest travel threats for people this summer, particularly if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant. It can cause severe birth defects if a pregnant woman is affected, and researchers are beginning to believe it can even impact babies if a woman’s partner is infected when she becomes pregnant. To help mitigate the risks, it’s best for everyone, regardless of whether or not they’re pregnant, to wear long sleeve shirts and pants when traveling and to use EPA-registered insect repellents. Also when traveling, try to avoid places where there is standing water, which can attract mosquitoes.

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Boost Your Immune System

If you’re going to be traveling this summer, it’s a very good time to take a multivitamin with Vitamin C, or have something like immunity-boosting tea on a regular basis. You’re likely going to be crowded into places with many other people, whether it’s an airplane, train, subway, or a public place, and you don’t want to be an easy target for germs and bacteria. As well as having plenty of Vitamin C and immune-boosting things like Echinacea, it’s always a good idea to travel with antibacterial wipes.

Try to Keep Your Diet Balanced

One of the best parts of any summer travel can be trying plenty of the local fare, but it’s also important to remember to keep your diet somewhat balanced and try to keep portions of the unhealthy stuff limited. If you’re hiking, biking, sightseeing or just generally active during your trip, you want your blood sugar to remain steady, and you don’t want to introduce so many exotic new foods that you find yourself feeling ill.

Before you hit the road, the air or the sea this summer, following simple tips like the ones can ensure you remain healthy enough to make the most of your trip.