From allowing you to breathe clean air to taking care of health to brightening up your space–plants are miraculous. Even a corner of foliage plants will transform your refuge into a dwelling place synonymous with beauty, health, and happiness.

Whether you are born with green fingers or not, these green plants that are readily available at a plant nursery in Gurgaon, and online nurseries, promise the benefits of aesthetic interiors, easy care requirements, and more.

1 Coffee Plant: For the love of coffee, get a coffee plant. Nurture the coffee plant with a good supply of water and medium, indirect sunlight and the coffee plant will bestow you with coffee beans. Once in a while, roast and brew your coffee just like the way you like.

2 Red Aglaonema: Maybe your daughter misses the pretty pink colour in her room. Here’s your chance to dazzle up her room in the green-pink combination by bringing Red Aglaonema indoors. It is a plant with bright pink stems and leaves, which is non-demanding. If your daughter forgets to water it, the plant will forgive her by surviving.

3 Rubber Plant: You enter the home, and you start feeling breathlessness. Do you know why? It is because of the air pollutants and toxic air surrounding you. You need not toss the pills or roam around the house in masks; all you need is a rubber plant. Take care of it’s watering and sunlight requirements, and it will make sure you breathe fresh air. Also, a rubber plant in a corner fulfils the role of a flashy decorative piece to the best.

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4 String of Pearls: Your Balcony will love it! A string of pearls is a plant that flourishes in bright sunlight and moist soil. Place the plant in a hanging basket so that it cascades over the sides, and your instagrammable worthy Balcony is ready. The plant demands a little attention, make sure you give it what it deserves.

5 Pilea: You want to give your living room a dramatic touch, how about renovating it naturally? Buy a Pilea plant having rounded leaves from a plant nursery in Gurgaon and watch your family members adoring it day and night. With a few hours of bright, indirect sunlight and careful watering, you have a chance to gift your friends the Pilea babies.

6 Fiddle Leaf Fig: Your husband’s “quarantine” time means reading a book on his rocking chair. And you know very well, peace and focus are the prerequisites for a bibliophile to enjoy his reading. Grant him the gift of serenity and appealing surroundings by planting fiddle leaf fig plants in the area. Instruct him to water the plant when the top layer of the soil is dry and a few hours of bright, indirect sunlight and he can enjoy it.

The next time a thought crosses your mind to revamp your house, consider these natural options. Maybe, it will do more good than that of materialistic stuff.