Several people are unhappy with their teeth not because they are suffering from some dental issue but because they just want them to look symmetric. Teeth occur naturally to us during our childhood and are out of our control. It does not matter how hard we wish, they take shape on their own. With the advancement in dentistry, once can now fix and shape their teeth using cosmetic method. This field is popularly known as cosmetic dentistry. Teeth filling, filling, whitening and enhancing the overall appeal comes under it.

 Smile Enhancement

Most of the people that come to the dental clinic for cosmetic fixing are seen to be interested in teeth whitening. Poorly managed teeth hygiene, improper eating and irregular dental visit may cause the teeth to become stained and discolored. Tea, coffee and smoking are found to add the most in the teeth discoloration. Certain medicines and prescription drugs can also cause teeth discoloration. You dentist has all the necessary tools and equipments to bring back the white teeth so that you can smile confidently.

Certain solutions are prepared by dentists in the past decades that are are safe to use on teeth. These solutions are capable of bleaching the teeth. Either the whitening solution is put in the tray and fitted on to the teeth or the teeth whitening kit is used. The former is performed at the dental clinic usually while the latter takes time to achieve good results. The time period of using these solutions can only be prescribed by your dentist.

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At times, the people opt for teeth filling since it helps them adjusting well during chewing. Teeth filling is often suggested during the dental issues such as cavities and tooth decay. However, they are even used for the cosmetic purposes. Teeth filing is not suggested by dentist usually. Though it does not require much preparation, performing it may cause the alignment issues of the natural teeth. This is only suggested in case the n
natural teeth are suffering from alignment challenges.

The gaps between the teeth often take away the confidence from many people. Bonding is a cosmetic technique to fill these gaps. Often, bonding is used as a method to repair a chipped and cracked teeth. Bonding does not take much time for the preparation and implementation, instead can be done in a single visit to the dentist’s clinic.

There are some complications associated with the cosmetic dentistry. Many times, the bonding and whitening does not tend to last long. The tendency for the stains to reappears increases in some cases. However, the benefits are more than the complications associated. It is recommended that you should always research well before choosing the dentist for these cosmetic procedures.

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