If you have recently gotten dental braces, then you should also put in an effort to take proper care of it. This will not only keep it clean but will also help it last longer. While a simple cleaning will help in keeping the braces usable, you need to do a few more things to keep them in top condition. And below, we look at six ways you can take care of your dental braces.  

Brush Your Teeth

Normally people do clean their teeth at least once a day. But since you have your braces on, it is recommended that you brush your teeth at least three times a day. This will help you get rid of any food particles caught up in the braces. Remember to thoroughly clean every brace individually. And if you can brush your teeth every time you eat your snack or meal, then better. Plus, you should only brush gently instead of doing it the rough way since the normal, swift brushing style is ineffective because of the braces on the teeth. Ideally, spend about 10 seconds on brushing each tooth.

Sticky Foods

As far as possible, avoid sticky foods. These can get caught in the wires of the brace, even damaging it. Items like gum, chewy chocolates, popcorn etc. should be avoided at all costs. Gum is the most problematic item since it can stretch each time you try to pick it off from the braces. However, this does not mean that you stay away from these things altogether. Instead, you can schedule to consume such food items only when your braces are off.

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Proxy Brushes

Try using a proxy brush instead of regular brushes. They have small, thin bristles compared to other normal brushes and this makes them suitable to clean the tight areas around the braces. You can easily find them at any medical store.


You can also use a mouthwash, one which has been prescribed to you by the dentist. Since the mouthwash is liquid, it can easily pass off under the braces and reach all nooks and corners of the teeth. As such, the region surrounding each brace will be much cleaner.  

Picking Braces

Sometime, you may feel a need to pick on the braces. Never do it. Picking the braces, especially the archwires, can eventually cause it to loosen. This can make the brace functionally useless.

No Candies Or Crisps

It is also recommended that you avoid all candies and crisps while your braces are on. Since candy consists of sugars, they can stick onto your braces and cause damage. Similarly, crisps and other such snacks have to be chewed a lot, again creating a possibility that the food particles might get in between the brace. Staying away from such foods will help you avoid these issues.

If you need help with identifying a perfect dental brace for yourself, visit the Calgary Braces website. And if you have a habit of using teeth whitening products, then you should stay away from it while your braces are on. Otherwise, your teeth may not be whitened properly and will have uneven coloring.