Rules for Getting Healthy and Long Hair

It feels like a wonderful achievement when you let your hair grow and grow into mermaid-like locks and you can feel immensely proud, provided that your hair looks healthy and beautiful once they have managed to reach the desired length. However, it may feel like a very challenging task to increase the length of your hair as long as you want and keep it healthy at the same time because you probably are in the habit of washing and styling it on a frequent basis. Nonetheless, there is nearly a foolproof method that you can implement for keeping your hair healthy and long.

Practicing Full-Body Health

There are numerous nutrients and foods that promote healthy hair such as essential fatty acids like omega 3, iron, vitamins and biotin. Focusing on these items is recommended and people should eat a diet that also consists of whole grains and foods having healthy fats such as nuts. You can also determine if your hair health and length is being affected by your hormones by consulting your doctor regarding the type of birth control you are using and its side effects. The doctor can also be asked about various over-the-counter supplements that are especially formulated for promoting hair growth such as those than contain horsetail extract, which are renowned for causing faster growth.

Treating the Scalp Right

Scalp is not only the area from where hair spring, but also a portion of the largest organ of the body i.e. the skin. Therefore, people need to keep this area healthy if they want to have luminous, healthy and long hair. A shampoo containing salicylic acid or a clarifying shampoo should be purchased immediately in case people tend to experience buildup or dandruff. Using this shampoo once in a week will keep the scalp very clean. One should also get a natural-bristle and soft hairbrush such as a boar-bristle hairbrush and use it for brushing your scalp every night. Growth is stimulated with this gentle massage.

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Cleaning and Conditioning

Yes, it is necessary to shampoo and condition your hair if you want healthy and long locks, but excessive shampooing strips the hair of its natural oil. Moreover, washing it daily will dry the hair and cause them to become brittle. Wash your hair once or twice in a week, but use dry shampoo on your ends and on the scalp for extending your style. Scalp and hair should also be conditioned every week and it is best to use sulfate-free and gentle products.

Visiting a Stylist

Even if your instinct dictates that you should stay away from the salon because you want your hair to grow, leaving it untouched may actually end up being counterproductive. When you allow the split ends to continue, it would mean that more hair would be found on the cutting room floor when you final do get a haircut. Keep the hair and ends in healthy and good shape by visiting the stylist every six to eight weeks. You will have long and healthy hair in this way.