Home Remedies For Low Immunity

In medical terminology, the term immunity is used for describing the person’s ability to fight and resist a disease or infection. This means that when the immune system of a person is not up to par, they are more vulnerable to germ-du-jour. Low immunity is definitely not the sign of a healthy individual and they will suffer from the latest flu bug or stomach virus habitually. No one wants to be sick all the time due to which they visit the doctor first thing. However, medications also have side effects that they wish to avoid and its best to go for natural options, which can be immensely beneficial in the long run.

Listed below are some of the effective home remedies that can be implemented for boosting the immune system of the body and ensuring that it remains strong:


Eating a handful of almonds is the perfect way to have their daily dose of Vitamin E. The deficiency of Vitamin E can inflict a lot of damage on the integrity of the immune system because it is an immune system strengthening antioxidant.


Yogurt has a very noticeable impact on the immune system. It aids in the production of antibodies and also provides strength to the white blood cells. It was also established through a study that individuals who habitually consumed about 6 ounces of yogurt every day were able to avoid cold, hay fever and diarrhea. In fact, it was also said that yogurt can also be very helpful in waging a war against yogurt.


People can not only get a little tropical feeling with this tasty fruit, but also get twice their Vitamin C dosage for a day. Vitamin C is said to be an immune enhancer and provides assistance to the white blood cells, increasing the response time of the immune system.

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Zinc deficiency is said to be one of the primary reasons for low immunity. Zinc plays the role of a catalyst in the fight against foreign bodies and it prevents the invading cells from inflicting any damage on the body. Zinc also promotes the white blood cells and 3 ounces of fresh or canned herbs is enough to provide the body with this nutrient.

Navy Beans

Folic acid is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies suffered by people. Lack of folic acid can cause shrinking of the thymus, lymph nodes and other vital immune system fighters. People can get their fill of folic acid by eating navy beans along with dinner. One cup is enough to meet the required amount.


Having a glass of red wine can be extremely useful in eliminating some of the harmful foreign bodies. There are some components in wine that can kill off infectious bacteria. However, more than one glass of wine should not be taken as excessive alcohol can also weaken the immune system.

Other home remedies also include carrots, garlic, milk etc. and all of them can prove to be very helpful in boosting the immunity system quickly.