Many senior citizens want to live at home as long as they possibly can. If they are in their right mind, then it’s easier to let them keep their independence while being in a familiar environment instead of them living in an assisted living facility or a nursing home. There are a few tips that you can follow to help the elderly loved one in your life remain comfortable into their golden years.

Cell Phones

There are cell phones that have larger buttons that are easy for seniors to see. You can program important numbers into the phone before showing the person how to use it for emergencies or for calling family and friends. A cell phone is also beneficial for you because you can stay in contact with the person no matter where he or she is in the home. If the person goes outside and locks the door or needs help, then the phone can be used to call you or someone else who can offer assistance.

Alert Devices

Make sure the home has a medical alert device. These can be purchased from specialized senior care solutions providers. You can get everything from a dementia clock that shows the day of the week and the time, to a light surface for the nightstand that will light up while items are resting on it, giving seniors a way to see where their glasses and other items are at night. A medical alert bracelet or necklace is a good way for seniors to be able to call for help if they fall or are away from the phone.

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Social Activities

Most cities have senior centers that offer classes and fun activities for elderly individuals. This is a way for your loved one to have fun with others who are older. You can take the person to the center, or you can make arrangements for transportation so that the person gets to the location safely. It’s important for seniors to maintain a social circle so that they retain communication skills and don’t become depressed.


Consider cooking a few meals for the senior to keep in the freezer. If the person still uses a stove, add knobs that have larger numbers and letters. Check fire detectors to ensure that they work, and go over how to use the stove and microwave so that the person can prepare meals alone.

Whether it’s helping to prepare a meal or keeping an elderly family member safe at night, there are a few ways that you can help maintain independence in the home. Talk to the person to find out the extent of what is needed. Enlist help at the right time to help keep the person at home as long as possible.