6 Common Injuries People Suffer From While On Vacation

Vacations are usually seen as a time meant for relaxation. However, many people suffer from unexpected injuries while traveling. In many vacation mishaps, travelers only experience relatively minor incidents like a rained out event or a cancelled reservation. Nevertheless, serious accidents leading to bodily injury can occur.

Swimming accidents

The beach has long been one of the most popular vacation destinations. However, water-related accidents are a common occurrence in destinations like Florida or California, where riptides and severe undertows are possible. If you’re not used to swimming in the ocean, it’s important not to venture too far offshore and also to watch out for stinging jellyfish.

Food poisoning

Food poisoning incidents are one of the most common form of vacation-related injury. While vacations are meant to try new and exciting foods, our bodies can sometimes react harshly when we are exposed to new diets. Before trying a new restaurant, be sure to read online reviews to check if people recommend visiting or avoiding a particular place.

Bicycles, mopeds and cars

When renting a bicycle, moped, or car while on vacation, be sure to take it slow at first if you are unfamiliar with your new mode of transport. Additionally, pay attention to unique street signs and traffic laws when driving. Vehicle accidents can occur when operating an unfamiliar car in a place with foreign roadway signs and new driving rules.

Sea sickness

If you are bound for a cruise destination, it’s important to bring medicine to help cope with unexpected motion sickness. Sea sickness is one of the worst feelings because you’re not only missing out on vacation fun, but you are also essentially paying to be sick. If you have had sea sickness in the past, try to book a cruise on a large ship to minimize the feeling of being on choppy water.

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While on vacation, you may be doing a lot of walking. Therefore, it’s important to pack comfortable shoes in order to minimize the risk of getting blisters, ankle pain and back pain. You should also be aware of unfamiliar traffic laws as a pedestrian


Being in a new place and sticking to a tight schedule may cause some people to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Traveling involves a good amount of planning in order to avoid unexpected and stressful situations.

Vacations are meant to be a relaxing way to take a break from the hardships of your daily routine. However, it’s imperative to always be prepared for an accident, injury, or stressful situation. Keep this list in mind when planning your next vacation.