stress at work

Getting some pressures from work? Looking for some strategies to manage stress at work? Then you are not alone. Everyone has gone through the same route. It’s not to my pleasure to say stress at work can be inevitable and it hits anyone. There are different kinds of stress an example can be when you have all the pressure to complete a task before deadline. Everyone gets a different experience of stress but it remains stress and there has to be ways to manage stress. Here are some techniques that will help you avoid and manage stress:

1. What is the cause of your stressors

Getting to know the cause of your stress will help you to duly avoid and cope up with them. This will involve using your journal to track the stressors for at least two weeks. Include the situations that bring in stress while at work and how you usually respond .This will also involve putting down what you felt at that particular moment or how you responded. Whether you yelled or got your voice raised put it in your journal to enable the determination of the cause of stress.

2. Save time to get you relaxed

Stress can get us fatigued making the body unable to relax. Our bodies need time to get refreshed for proper functioning. Take some life off and try to get relaxed avoid any thoughts. Get your focus on activities that get your refreshed and relaxed. Some people will settle for yoga, others taking walks and even napping. Stress can be very critical when it comes to our performance at the work place. Our minds have to be sober and upright for better performance. Save your career life and also your health by relaxing.

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3. Build some boundaries

Get some conflicts from technology and work? Make it your discipline to establish some boundary. With the 21st century technology bosses have found an easy way to reach out to you all day through the work hours. To avoid unnecessary stress like why are you calling home all the time? You have been on social media all day or stop chatting, create boundaries. This will involve respecting your work at the same time respecting your body. Make some changes and reduce the stress.

4. Respond to your stressors in a healthy way

Some people find it easier to put away the stress with the junks or drugs like alcohol and cigarettes which is not good lifestyle fitness. This is shorter solutions which will bring more harm to your body. Instead create long-term solutions for your stress which are healthy. This might include exercising, time with family, taking breaks, managing and coping with stressors. Avoid staying too late at night get your eight hours of sleep each day to get your energy and motivation to help you perform well. Also avoid taking caffeine before bed as they are stimulators and will keep you up for long exposing you to stress the next day since your body had less time to get relaxed.

5. Find ways to get you relaxed

There are many things you can do to get relaxed. This can include taking yoga classes, joining support groups, taking charity walks, getting into a competition, going for concerts and meditating. Did you know scheduling your time properly and finishing tasks on time gets you relaxed? Embrace the routine for lesser stress each day. You should also avoid any unnecessary distractions that will keep you surrounded with stressors.

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6. Accept support

At some point in life, we need support from others. There various ideas and advice will help us cope well with the stress and its causes. This will involve talking with close friends and family whom we feel we should get help from. They will help cheer you up and even advice you on the way forward. Support does not mean friends and family only. It also includes your supervisor at work. Your supervisor can make it easier at work .Tell them about what gets you stressed up remember it should be exclusively work related.


Managing stress at early stages is easy and more efficient. This helps learn its cause and try ways to avoid them or cope with them. Long-term stress is common among many Americans as from the American Physiological Associations (APA) 65 % Americans suffered stress from work. Embrace a healthy lifestyle to avoid stress, this involves getting enough sleep, including healthy diet and avoiding the unhealthy habits. Knowledge on ways to manage stress is very vital in everyone’s life as everyone at some point of life experiences it. Failing to manage stress can lead to high risk of high blood pressure, the heart attacks and even hypertension.