According to the World Health Organization, the government’s total health expenditure is utilized in providing mental health services every year for about 0.05%. Mental illness is a pervasive problem now in the US which affects 50 million individuals, or about two in ten adults in just a year. It is very sad to know that these numbers of people need help in terms of mental health. Hence, this is a very serious concern in the community that needs big attention.

So, if you know anybody from your family to friends who are having difficulties dealing with mental health issues, please be informed that seeking help is within your reach. There are many resources you can find that can offer mental health financial assistance like betterhelp aids.


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What Really Cost Mental Illness?

Mental illness has several stages, but you do not want to reach the devastating level before seeking help. One must seek help immediately when mental issues start to manifest in daily life, especially when it begins to give recurring stress.

Mental health disorders are undeniably affecting the productivity the companies globally. These may result in about $17 trillion dollars loss worldwide. Fifty percent of Americans suffering from mental illness claim they cannot afford treatment, even those who have insurance. Mental health conditions have been found out to about ninety percent of Americans who died by suicide.

Mental health treatment – Financial assistance

Mental health is very important in our daily lives. You need to keep your positive mental health in order to manage your daily work or personal stresses, be more productive, and be a positive contribution to your community. You can go through these several ways to get financial assistance for mental health treatment.

Government Assistance for mental health

For Americans who need assistance to access mental health services, there are several government benefit options. Please note that government assistance for mental health treatment will need eligibility requirements.

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Medicaid is offering mental health treatment which is offered to qualified low-income families, disabled individuals, and pregnant women & children.

There are Community health centers providing care services in some unseemly areas.

For those who are struggling with mental illness, is offering a lot of resources, like supporting any loved one who is suffering from mental health issues. Guidance for clinical trial participation is also provided.

Other Government Aid that offers mental health  resources

There are also nonprofits that provide financial assistance for mental health services.

One is NaMI Helpline, a nationwide support service that offers aid for people dealing with mental disorders. They also offer support to their families and caregivers

Others may find support from Mental Health America who can help you find support groups in your area that have the same specific situation as yours. They will connect you also with online support communities.

There are clinics that offer mental health services at low fees for Americans who have limited financial means, like the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Mental health  Fundraisers

Nowadays, mental health patients can easily access online fundraising assistance. Fundraisers find it easy to set up, and there are no complicated processes like eligibility requirements or a long wait to collect funds.

Social media platforms are the easiest way to raise a fund. Social sharing is very simple and can spread the cause quickly to reach donors. There are also great tips for betterhelp with financial aid that you can apply for.

Raising money and finding financial support made it very easy these days, like starting a medical crowdfunding. You may check on medical crowdfunding guides online.

Sliding-Scale Therapists

Consulting a professional for your mental health issues is one of the most effective ways that you can avail yourself. But some people are concerned about the cost of the treatment. However, there are more therapists now who are providing financial assistance using a so-called sliding scale-based payment system.

Psychology Today will give you licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and facilities. And many of them are offering scale payment options.

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Open Path Psychotherapy Collective has private mental clinician partners who help families and individuals access and afford therapy services.

Another resource is Good Therapy which allows you to search therapists by location and help you find the right mental professional you need.

Online Therapy

Many online therapy sites now are offering affordable packages to people dealing with mental health issues.

BetterHelp counseling services provide unlimited access to counselors starting from $40 per week. Services are offered through phone, video conference, live chat, and messaging.

Centre for Interactive Mental Health Solutions is offering an interactive therapy program in eighth sessions which can treat depression. They have a program called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is free and accessible anywhere.

Smartphone App

For some patients who are dealing with minor mental illness, Smartphone apps may be a good way to find counseling and support. There are several apps that offer guided meditation and interactive training.

Calm is an app that offers more than 100 meditation sessions that will help you reduce anxiety, control your thoughts, and contain stress levels.

Moodpath is an App that can assist you in tracking your mood, offering personalized insights on how situations may trigger your emotions. It is designed for those patients struggling with anxiety and depression.

Happify is a combination of positive psychology and mindfulness in an interactive platform that helps the patient take control of their emotional health and form new habits and patterns that can contribute to their wellbeing.

We Are More is a platform that helps equip individuals by using inspirational content to cope with life’s struggles.

Never Ignore Your Mental Health Issues

Everyone deserves to live a happy life and wellbeing. Financial concerns should not be another hindrance in getting your way to your mental health treatment. BetterHelp counseling services is one click away to get help to start your mental health therapy.