Skin whitening treatment is evolving as the most sought-after skin treatment in Mumbai, India. Due to the influence and vibe of Bollywood in Mumbai, people here are style conscious and want to look their best.The skin treatment and procedures which enhance the glow and brightness on the face are in huge demand in Mumbai. Also due to the availability of good skin specialist, dermatologists and cosmetologists have made skin treatment available with a very high quality of treatment and services with a reasonable cost.

Skin Whitening Treatment
Skin Whitening Treatment

Skin specialist in Kandivali are known for their quality of skin whitening treatment quality at an affordable cost of skin whitening treatment. They also offer skin treatments like acne treatment, laser skin treatment, vitiligo treatment, psoriasis treatment, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, etc.

Skin whitening treatment basically reduces the content of melanin of the skin. Some individuals have specific areas of skin abnormally, high pigmentation such as moles, lentigo spots, vitiligo white spots and birthmarks. These skin conditions can be treated by depigmentation and skin treatment procedures like the skin whitening treatment in Mumbai matches the surrounding un-affected area of your skin. Skin whitening, brightening and lightening treatment can be considered if you have undergone through vitiligo treatment in Mumbai so that the color of the skin matches the unaffected skin patches. The full body skin whitening treatment is preferred by individuals who have a darker skin complex.

Skin whitening treatment is basically a combination of skin lightening and skin brightening treatment. It may also involve glutathione injections and bleaching procedure to produce the desired skin whitening effect that is several shades lighter than your present or natural skin tone.

You must know this fact 

The amount of melanin content under your skin determines the skin color. Melanin is a type of skin pigment which is being produced by the melanocytes. Individuals with a dark skin complexion have more melanin under their skin. Melanin content of your skin is decided by factors such as over or underexposure to sunlight, hormones, genetic factors and any skin damages also affect the production of melanin.

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The cost of skin whitening treatment or skin lightening treatment in Mumbai

Treatment In Mumbai, India In other countries
Facial Skin whitening Rs. 28,000 – Rs. 35,000 ($465 – $550)
Full-body skin whitening Rs. 1,60,000 – Rs. 2,00,000 ($2450 – $3100)



There are different methods and techniques for skin brightening and helping which fundamentally diminishes the melanin content from the skin. Melanin is dull shade under your external layer of skin produced by the body through the procedure of melanogenesis which is regularly caused by the incessant introduction of the skin to sunrays and UV radiation. Melanin is the substance which is in charge of the shade of your skin. The variety of your skin tone and shading is significantly a direct result of the variety of the substance of melanin in your skin. Skin brightening and skin helping treatment work by diminishing the nearness of melanin in the skin by skin treatment and strategies.


  • Removal of dull spots because of maturing impact especially on face and sununcovered zones.
  • Removing the blemishes caused by melanin, damage, sunburn, and so forth.
  • Naturally helping dim skin.
  • Scavenging of the melanin union.
  • Preventing the exchange of melanosomes to keratinocytes.
  • Directly pulverizing existing melanin.
  • Destroying melanocytes.

Hydroquinone treatment:

Hydroquinone is the primary part for stoppage of melanin generation. The elements of hydroquinone have solid cell reinforcement properties and it is a solid inhibitor of melanin generation. Its procedure lessens or can stop the procedure of the substance which is significantly in charge of skin shading. This procedure brightens and helps the skin.

Glutathione treatment:

As the shading in your skin happens from the creation of melanin. Abnormal amounts of melanin creation imply darker composition of your skin. Glutathione represses the generation of melanin and it accelerates cell turnover by supplanting the harmed cells which give a dull appearance to the skin with the new cells which makes the skin whiter and lighter. Glutathione treatment counteracts oxidative harm to your skin because of its solid cancer prevention agent properties. This treatment is additionally connected with the skin helping capacity.

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This skin brightening treatment includes use of fade oftentimes which whiteness the skin shading. Blanching impact is not lasting, it stays just for a brief span. Subsequently blanching goes under corrective items and does not give a characteristic look or a lasting arrangement.


The use of hydroquinone hinders melanin generation and result in skin brightening. Hydroquinone is cancer prevention agent rich.

Laser Surgery:

Amid laser surgery skin helping treatment, ablative and non-ablative lasers are utilized. They invigorate collagen generation by influencing the melisma definitely which helps the skin.

Chemical peels:

Compound peels skin brightening and helping treatment includes tretinoin based peels. They prompt quicker skin development, making it less demanding to peel off more seasoned and darker skin. A new layer of skin comes up, wanted skin helping is accomplished.


This skin helping treatment includes delicately sloughing off the surface layer of the skin utilizing a jewel-tipped wand evacuating dead and sun harmed skin cells.


This skin helping treatment is best for sporadic skin obscuring and dim spots. Directed utilization of fluid nitrogen for solidifying skin sores brings about pulverization of darker skin cells and their supplanting with lighter and new cells.

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