There are 442 internationally recognized sports and more than 8000 indigenous sports throughout the world, team and individual. Why certain people choose certain sports depends on a number of reasons, from family heritage, physical and mental predispositions to local availability and pure chance, to name just a few. Then, why is it that soccer is the number one choice when it comes to team sports? Out of multitude of reasons, here are five why you should consider it.


There is No “I” in Team

Team effort is essential when it comes to soccer. Individual abilities and talent certainly are a plus, but if you do not function as a team you will hardly win any games. Developing good communication is required for a successful team effort and this social interaction is highly beneficial for the team and all individuals that are a part of it. On the other hand, regardless if you win or lose, bonding and friendship that results from soccer are always valuable and all quarrels that are also a part of it are forgotten when you sit for a chat and a drink after a game.

Easy to Take Up

For amateur soccer playing there are practically no conditions or limitations when it comes to the equipment needed to practice it and affordable soccer equipment certainly is one of top reasons people choose to play soccer. Basically, you need a ball, trainers, shorts or bottoms and a T shirt or a sweater, depending on weather conditions. You can eventually build up your soccer apparel to improve some of the features but it is absolutely not a requirement in order to fully enjoy the game.

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Peace Out

Stress is one of the major negative consequences of our modern day way of living. Constant rush, everlasting economic crisis, alienation, lack of time for personal interests and poor diet immensely contribute to the overall pressure that the majority of individuals feel nowadays. Soccer as a team sport, apart from bringing physical benefits changes the way you think, improves competitive nature while putting team effort above individual. This challenges and at the same time relaxes the brain since it makes it work in a non-routine manner. Both physical and mental changes significantly reduce stress.

Excellent Balance and Great Cardio

Without a question soccer is one of the most beneficial sports there are when it comes to physical health in general. Constant movements in all directions put all body muscles to work, physical contact and tackles improve stamina and balance and the overall activity reduces fat mass and increases lung capacity. On top of that, the latest research showed great benefits for hypertensive individuals.


The Beautiful Game

Last but by all means not least, playing soccer is great fun. As long as you keep your competitive spirit at a level that it does not seem as the end of the world if you lose a game or two it is in fact all about fun. Nothing beats getting with your friends a couple of times a week for a friendly game, enjoying it all the way and ending up in a friendly conversation after the game.

Obviously, it is no wonder soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Fun is what drives it and all other benefits it brings are a pure bonus.

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