Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season Is Possible

The ‘ber’ months have officially arrived. While we’re still in the early days of September, some of us are already excited about the holiday season that will cap off our 2022. But amid all the festivities, there’s one thing we should remember: how to stay healthy throughout the holidays. The holiday season is full of treats and booze that can kick us out of our weekly diet & workout schedules. It can also be too busy and chaotic, affecting our sleep schedules and raising our stress levels. So as early as now, prepare for the holiday season by keeping the following tips & tricks in mind. 

Keep moving.

You might not notice it amid all the fun, but the holiday season offers plenty of opportunities to stay active. Whether dancing at your office’s Christmas party or walking around the mall to shop for gifts, the holidays can get you moving. 

So instead of doing all your shopping online, make a trip or two to the mall for some special holiday gift hunting. If you feel sluggish after eating a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal, make an effort to burn the extra calories. Do some stretching or a quick yoga session. Travelling on the holidays? Keep moving by power-walking to your airport gate or stretching your legs after hours in the car.

Be mindful about indulging in sweet treats.

The holiday season is all about indulgence. Who doesn’t want to stuff their mouth with holiday ham, Christmas cookies, gingerbread, pies, Christmas trifle and more? But if you want to stay healthy during the holidays, you may have to temper the indulgences a little. One thing you can do is recognise the treats that are special to you. Is pecan pie your favourite Christmas treat? Or is it the Pavlova? Savour and make room for those special treats. Then, just skip all the other sweet treats that aren’t worth the sugar crash or food coma. 

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Ask for help when decorating your home.

One way to keep moving during the holiday season is decking the halls. You can start beautifying your home with your favourite Christmas decorations as early as November. But be sure to ask for help with some tough decorating tasks. If you’re planning to trim the tree to prep the backyard or hang lights on the roof, get some help. You don’t want to run the chainsaw or climb a ladder without a lending hand. 

Don’t forget to hydrate.

The holiday season is full of booze and sweet & delectable drinks that can be hard to skip. But whether you love eggnog, old-fashioned or a frosty glass of beer, don’t forget to hydrate. Pace yourself by sipping a glass of water between each holiday beverage. And when it comes to drinking, know your limits to avoid nasty hangovers.

By keeping yourself hydrated and setting your drinking limit, you will still have the energy to hit the next party. That’s the best way to enjoy the festive season. 

Start your New Year’s resolutions as early as now.

Who says you should wait for the new year to lead a healthier lifestyle? You can start your supposed New Year’s resolutions as early as now—a few months before December. That way, you can develop good habits that will help you stay healthy throughout the holiday season. And if you start now, you can build up the necessary momentum to practice healthy living in 2023 and all the succeeding years.

Final words

Staying healthy, active and safe during the holidays doesn’t mean giving up on all the things you love about the season. It simply means making some changes and efforts to ensure you stay on top of your health amid all the festivities & indulgences.

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