You might think a gym or fitness business markets itself. After all, there will always be gym rats who would work out in your gym or fitness centre, rain or shine. But relying on your regulars might not be a sustainable model. You also need to attract new customers to grow your business. So if you’re struggling to get more clients, here are some clever marketing ideas that will help promote your fitness business these days.

  • Try video marketing.

Where do your target customers hang out virtually? They’re probably on social media! So capitalise on the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube by launching a video marketing campaign for your business.

Start by creating short videos like Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. You can make short instructional or day-in-the-gym videos to educate current members and attract new ones. Such videos can showcase your instructors, equipment and classes, giving potential clients a glimpse into what they get if they join your gym.

You can cross-post these short video content on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Have more time to create longer videos? You can start a YouTube channel, where you can upload ten to 20-minute workout videos. If possible, go on Facebook or Instagram Live to engage your online audience better. Just make sure to create these posts regularly; it’s best to have a content calendar to keep track. 

  • Work with fitness influencers.

Don’t hesitate to collaborate with fitness influencers, including social media personalities, health vloggers, celebrities and even your current gym members. These influencers can be brand ambassadors for your gym or fitness club. If they create content about your business and post it online, they can drive traffic and potential clients to your website. Their audience may even walk into your gym.

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You can make exchange deals with these influencers. For instance, you can propose to offer them free gym membership for six months or a year if they endorse your gym or your nutritional supplements. Just find a way to make your offer attractive—the collaboration should be a win-win situation on both sides. 

  • Host an exciting event.

Whether online or outdoor, a fun & exciting event can bring awareness to your fitness business. Say you own a yoga studio. Consider hosting a pop-up shop with your latest merchandise, like yoga blocks, mats and towels. Make the launch of the shop on-brand by lighting scented candles around the shop and playing music from a Vinyasa playlist on Spotify. Then, encourage your members to invite their friends and family to this pop-up shop by offering freebies. You can also hold contests to get everyone involved during the event and excited about joining your yoga studio.

Also, don’t forget to have pull-up banners or any kind of outdoor advertising outside your pop-up shop. That can help attract people who happen to be in the area on the day of the event. Who knows, these people might turn into regulars at your studio.

  • Sponsor charities.

Want to promote your fitness business while giving back to your community? Sponsor charity organisations or events in your area. For instance, you can tell your potential clients that your company will donate all new members’ signup fees or first-month dues to a local charity. 

You can also host a running event, in which half of the proceeds will be donated to another organisation. On the day of the run, you can supply the participants with apparel that showcases your logo to increase your brand recognition. The runners will likely post a photo of themselves during the event online. Imagine how many people will be aware of your brand or logo after that single event. 

  • Start a referral program.

A well-executed referral program draws in new customers while rewarding current ones. So consider starting a referral program wherein you offer free merchandise or classes to members who bring new customers to your yoga studio or fitness club. You can also offer guest passes that allow your regulars to invite their family or friends to join a class or have personal training for free. When it comes to marketing your business, always remember that your members are your best brand ambassadors.

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