Everyone wants to be healthy and to stay that way throughout life. Achieving and maintaining health is not so hard, especially if you keep up with a few simple health habits every day. Here are five lifestyle habits that will help you stay healthy throughout your life

Eat Healthy Food

Food provides us with the building blocks for repairing and maintaining every cell in our body. Nutritious foods are ones with no, or minimal, processing, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, unprocessed meat and fish, and whole grains. Eat these foods every day and stay away from junk food for good health.

Drink Pure Water

Water has no nutrients, but every cell in the body needs water at all times. Our bodies are made up of over seventy percent water. Soft drinks, alcohol, and caffeinated drinks contain water, but the other ingredients off-set the benefits. Drink two to three quarts of filtered water a day for the best health benefits.

Sleep and Oral Health

Sleep is the time when our bodies repair tissue and recover from the stress of everyday life. It is also a critical time for the brain to process all of the activity of the day. However, the brain does not get to this important repair job until about the fourth or fifth hour of sleep. For the best health benefits from sleep, do not get less than six hours a night. Oral health also has a profound effect on overall health. Professionals knows that many studies have linked good oral hygiene to a decrease in chronic diseases, especially heart disease.  Taking care of your teeth influences your health in many unforeseen ways.

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Get Exercise

Engaging in moderate exercise four or five times a week is strongly linked to better health in countless health studies. One reason is the effect on the lymphatic system. Lymph is a bodily fluid similar to blood, but its main purpose is the elimination of toxins. However, the lymph system does not have a heart to move the lymph around. Instead, the contraction of skeletal muscles is what circulates lymph. When you exercise, you are circulating lymph around the body and eliminating toxins and waste which helps reduce the chances of many diseases.


Stress, especially relentless stress, is a killer. Stress pumps hormones into the blood that activate all bodily systems. Find ways of relaxing every day, so your body can turn off the stress hormones and regenerate.

By incorporating these activities into your daily life, you will stay healthier throughout all stages of your life.