One of the hardest areas to lose weight is around the stomach area. What many people don’t realize is that no amount of calorie counting or stomach crunches you do will shift belly fat that is stubborn. So many ends up having a fairly decent figure with a blob around the stomach, giving us a body type referred to as the skinny fat stomach.

Wrong type of diet programs

One of the biggest issues with many diet programs is that they tend to focus on only one or two of the main issues of weight loss. What is needed is a fully rounded plan, such as the Belly Fat system, which seems to address these important areas:

Healthy life style changes vs. full on exercise

Many of you who have tried to lose weight through diet and exercise already know that making little healthy life style changes or pushing yourself hard in painful workouts just isn’t the right approach. Losing that skinny fat stomach doesn’t have to take months and you don’t have to kill yourself with exercise either. It all down to science and how our body works to burn fat. Getting to grip with that is the first step to losing that extra fat.

Blood Flow

Most weight loss programs out there tend to overlook this very important factor. If you aren’t getting a good circulation of blood to the belly fat area, you just won’t gain any of the benefits that blood flow brings along with it. We need oxygen to burn that fat, and to bring those fat breaking down hormones, such as hGH and adrenaline to help dispose of the fatty tissue. It’s the most natural way in which to burn that fat around the belly area. By not addressing the issue of blood flow to this area you will be doing loads of work with very little results.

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Fasting and Insulin

Weight loss is driven by hormones, and those hormones are usually driven by physical exercise and diet. The problem with a lot of weight loss programs is that they miss the point and only focus on one or two weight loss aspects. They will say that a light snack before training or exercise is OK. However, when we train in a fasted state, we lose that fat a lot quicker. This is down to the levels of a few hormones that are known to affect weight loss.

Our insulin levels rise when we eat, which then works to break down, store an utilize those nutrients. This is a process that can take from 2 to 6 hours. A fasted state is when or body has finished processing the food we ate and our insulin levels drop down to a balanced baseline. So our bodies go back and forth between these two states every day.

Exercise when our insulin levels are low is a fasted state. It’s in the fasted state that we gain some unique fat losing benefits though. Exercising when our insulin is low allows the body to move and burn more fat when we exercise. It also tends to address the issue of blood flow to these areas where fat has been hard to shift.

Testosterone Levels

Another issue with a lot of weight loss programs is that they assume those who hardly exercise have low testosterone. However, having too high estrogen levels can affect weight loss in men and women alike. So balancing this out is something a good program needs to address.

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Calorie Counting and Metabolism

While eating less and exercising hard will see you lose weight, there seems to be a limited understanding in regard to calorie intake and metabolism. Not all exercises and hard work are the same. For example, some exercise targets different muscle fibers, which will in turn release different varieties of hormones, each of which will act differently on that fatty tissue. The Belly Fat system is one program that believes in getting the body to break down the fatty tissue and then attempting to break it down, following a natural biological sequence.


The best exercise is not the kind that will leave you crippled in 20 years time, even if it makes you look good now. Its movement based exercise, such as aerobics, martial arts, gymnastics and dance, the movement based exercises that can create a healthier body. By training using movement we use our bodies better and this will then activate more of the muscle tissue we desire. Staying mobile and healthy can go a long way in muscle building and losing weight, helping to rid you of that skinny fat stomach for good.