Suffering From Fibromyalgia Why Custom Pain Management May Be Perfect For You

When faced with Fibromyalgia pain, even the simplest of tasks can feel debilitating. Constant crippling joint pain combined with fatigue compounds into constant lethargy. A quick trip to the grocery store or a walk with the dog can turn sour. Furthermore, the disease carries quite the emotional toll. Friends and family may not understand the extent of this disorder, assuming simple laziness. So they may be insensitive or even condescending, without realizing the added negativity. For others, just knowing that they must live beneath peak potential is daunting. Although Fibromyalgia is incurable, it can be treated. While everyone has a unique situation, no one wants to live in constant pain. Luckily, custom pain management has helped many Fibromyalgia sufferers take back their lives, and it could help you.

The Chronic Condition Of Fibromyalgia: A Scientific Enigma

Since discovery, Fibromyalgia has been quite the mystery. However, recent developments have given some insight into pathology. Fibromyalgia is shown to be caused by central sensitization, related to the sensorimotor cortex. This is a very unique issue which causes widespread changes to stimulus response throughout the body. Further studies have shown that the condition may be linked to low levels of naturally occurring opioid-like molecules in the neural cortex. This makes the disease difficult to defeat.

Custom Pain Management: An Intuitive Solution

Proper pain management is currently under heavy deliberation. Narcotic painkillers have been shown to cause lasting side effects. Given that Fibromyalgia may be linked to hypo-opioid conditions, sudden spikes can lead to devastating pain after treatment has worn off. In a world of variables, compounding can beat the barriers of conventional remedies. While regular pharmacies provide cookie-cutter solutions, compounding pharmacies, can customize medication to fit your specific needs.

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How Custom Pain Management Can Handle Fibromyalgia Pain: A Unique Fix For A Serious Detriment

Fibromyalgia is a condition which leads to a diverse range of issues, and differs in degree depending on specific genetics. Given this variance, a one-size-fits-all dose of a single medication simply does not cut it in many situations. This is where custom care through a compounding pharmacy displays its value. Compounding pharmacies can cater to a patient through combining different medications. For example, very low-dose naltrexone has shown beneficial in studies. However, a regular pharmacy cannot produce a low-dose, customized product. A compounding pharmacy can also combine alternative solutions with pharmaceutical drugs, finding what will suit your needs best. Furthermore, compounding pharmacies can find the perfect mechanism of drug delivery for a patient’s specific needs. Whether oral, topical, or suppository, a compounding pharmacy can provide a personalized solution.

Regardless of your situation, compounding pharmacy staff members are willing to work with you. These helpful people have seen many patients with different conditions, and can offer a unique perspective. Through compounding, your provider can find you the best angle to address your needs. Finally, compounding pharmacies will work with your insurance company to ensure maximum coverage for your unique solution. While insurance companies may enjoy predictable black-and-white number crunching, your health is above all, and everyone can understand that.