Healthcare Security How to Make Sure Your Prescriptions are Protected

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a completely safe world. There are a multitude of threats people must plan for everyday. One thing people would like to assume is safe is their medical prescriptions. However, there are even threats with prescription drugs that you should look out for. To help, here are some steps you can take to insure that your prescriptions are protected.

Only Use Licensed Pharmacies

Many people live on a tight budget. You may want to find ways to slash costs to bring down your monthly expenses. However, those cost saving efforts should not come at the expense of your own health. Sadly, many people take big health risks when they attempt to fill their prescriptions through seedy companies that are not actually licensed pharmacies.

While buying drugs online may seem attractive due to the prices advertised, you don’t know what you’re really getting if that pharmacy isn’t actually licensed to operate in the United States. Also do some research to insure the license they advertise is actually legitimate. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy is one resource you can use to check the authenticity of a pharmacy’s license.

Be Careful with Product Samples

Another way people sometimes try to save on prescriptions is by obtaining free drug samples. This practice, however, is dangerous and now largely illegal. A law was enacted in 1987 regarding the distribution of such samples named the Prescription Drug Marketing Act or the PDMA for short.

One of the reasons for the PDMA was to stop the distribution of drugs that were counterfeit, misbranded or otherwise deceptive in their packaging and marketing. While drug samples may seem like a good offer that can save you some money for a short period, stick to prescription drugs obtained through a licensed pharmacy.

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Know What Your Medication Is Supposed to Look Like

The amount of knowledge you have as a consumer about your medications is important. Obviously, you should know and follow the instructions for your prescriptions. However, do you know what the individual pills or tablets are supposed to look like? You should know their basic color and shape. If a new refill doesn’t match, don’t be afraid to ask your pharmacist about the discrepancy. Pills that are crushed, broken or damaged in some way can also be a significant danger.

Overall, you need to be informed as a patient. Educate yourself about your medication as well as the company you are considering to use as a pharmacy. If you are careful, it’s far less likely you’ll run into danger.