Summer Skin How to Get Your Best Beach Body

The summer season is a time when you can showcase the body that you’ve worked hard to achieve all year. Whether you’re swimming in a pool at the beach or laying on the sand with the ocean waves in the background, there are a few tips for getting your best beach body yet. Keep in mind that it won’t happen overnight, so you need to start exercising and taking care of your skin and other areas as soon as you can.

Getting the Sun

Don’t wait until you get to the beach to get sun on the skin. You want to gradually get a little color on you so that you don’t burn. If you wait to get out in the sun as soon as you get to the beach, then there is a chance that you’ll end up with blisters as you’ll likely want to stay outside for long periods of time. A tanning bed or just sitting outside for a few minutes during the day can get the skin accustomed to tanning.

Away with the Veins

When you look at the legs, arms and other parts of the body, you might notice veins that are just at the surface underneath the skin. These are likely spider veins and are commonly seen behind the knees, on the sides of the knees and on the calves. One option is to visit a vein clinic, like The Sheen Vein Institute, to have the spider veins removed. This removal can give you a better outlook on the way that your legs look when you’re at the beach.

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Drink Water

You want to keep the body as hydrated as possible. Not only will this help in eliminating excess fluids that can end up causing swelling when you get near the salty air and water, but it can help you shed a few pounds as you won’t be drinking sodas. It’s best to drink about six glasses of water a day. You’ll soon begin to notice that your skin has a glowing appearance that isn’t as wrinkled.

Sleepy Time

Get plenty of sleep at night if you want to shed a few pounds before heading to the beach. About six to eight hours is usually enough to stimulate the metabolism so that you’re burning calories while you sleep and during the day. When the metabolism works faster, you’ll start to see those pounds fall off so that you can get into the bathing suit that you want.

Your beach body is around the corner. All you need to do is change a few of the habits that you might have in your life. Start from the inside to get the healthy skin and body that you desire to show off at the beach.