Mature men is worried about hair loss
Mature men is worried about hair loss

Baldness may have a huge impact on the personality of men. Some feel embarrassed while some feel confident and accept this condition in their body. Badness is also referred to as alopecia. There may be several causes of this condition.

Causes of baldness in men

Some causes are related to age factors while some are genetic in nature. Some common causes are as follows:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Age factor
  • Genetics
  • Illness or disease related to loss of hair
  • Burns
  • Severe injury
  • Iron deficiency
  • Crash weight loss diet

All these causes may lead to bald patches in men.

Symptoms of baldness

Symptoms of this condition vary from person to person. It also depends on the type of baldness that you have. Several types of baldness are there:

Female pattern baldness

This type of baldness occurs when the hair becomes too thin like female hair. The hairline is there but the thinning of hair depicts baldness in men. 

Male pattern baldness

This type of badness usually runs in the family which may begin at an early stage as well. The baldness mostly starts from the front and then at the back of the head. Some may lose all their hair or some may only get bald patches. 

Toxic alopecia

This condition may occur due to some kind of severe illness like a high fever. Certain medicines which contain high potency of Vitamin A may be the main cause behind it. This hair loss is temporary mostly.


The type of baldness can be identified by taking a punch biopsy of the scalp. The cause of this baldness can also be known through this.

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Depending on the type of baldness, some forms of baldness may go away with time while some are incurable. Your dermatologist may tell you the best treatment based on your condition. Some of the best treatments are as follows:


Medicines like Propecia can prove to be beneficial for the cure of baldness. Hair loss may be treated with hair regrowth medicines. You can buy cheap Propecia from any online medical pharmacy. Injections like Corticosteroids may adobe injected into the body to stimulate hair growth. 

Hair transplants

Hair transplants are another option when medicines do not work and you want fast results. The baldness in the hairline may be treated through hair transplants by strong hair from the back and implanting them in the hairline. 

Scalp reduction surgery

The baldness at the front and back of the hair can be cured by scalp reduction surgery. First, the bald scalp is removed then the hair-bearing sections of the scalp are pulled together to fill in the bald areas.

Complications related to hair transplants

There is no guarantee that the surgeries will reap benefits for the person with baldness. Some side effects are also there which come with these surgical procedures. Some side effects or consequences related to surgery include:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Infections
  • Scars
  • Surgery may not go as planned
  • The hairline may be irregular