With the number of heart conditions and diabetes cases rising all across the world, people are now becoming keenly aware of the health changes they need to make. The only problem is that most people have a hard time making these changes because it usually involves making major appetite changes. Eating healthy is not only a completely new way of life for most, but it is something that involves more effort and work. Well, that might not necessarily be the case now thanks to the instant pot and air fryer. Both of these machines can whip up healthy dishes in a matter of hours and when you look at them on paper, you’ll clearly see that they are capable of doing the job of seven devices. So, it’s not like you are stuck with just a handful of options here.

Eliminating The Excuses

You probably can’t count the number of times on both hands that you’ve stopped and gotten takeout or ordered pizza because you got home late from work. Maybe you had a big day the next day and just felt like you didn’t have the time or energy to cook the night before. This is completely understandable and only natural that you would feel this way. However, both the air fryer and instant pot remove this excuse from the equation. That’s right, these devices are capable of cooking on a schedule, so you can have your food ready and hot when you need it. Just load in the ingredients the day or night before, program the pot for a specific time, and when you arrive home, you’ll have a healthy, delectable dish waiting on you.

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Maintaining Nutritional Value

You might be thinking if you wanted to eat healthily in a hurry you’d just grab a frozen pack of vegetables and throw them in the microwave or oven. Sure, the microwave might be faster, and using the oven would prevent you from making the splurge on one of these new devices, but Corrie Cooks says that when you cook broccoli in a pressure cooker or air fryer, you only lose 47% of the nutritional value. You are probably thinking, 47%, but isn’t that half? It is almost half, but when cooked in a microwave or traditional oven, broccoli can lose anywhere from 60 to 80% of its nutritional value. Air fryers and pressure cookers help preserve that nutritional value.

Transform Your Veggies

Speaking of vegetables, eating healthy, and getting back on the right track, most people have a hard time doing this because they don’t like the way the food tastes. Who likes the way that vegetables taste? Not many people, but this is where the air fryer or instant pot can make things more exciting. There are plenty of things that you can do to makes these vegetables more appetizing, starting with adjusting the controls, settings, and features. These devices come available with tons of different controls and settings that will allow you to infuse your vegetables as well as other dishes with flavors and ingredients that will enhance the overall taste and flavor.