image1Checking an elderly loved one into a nursing home is a difficult decision for anyone. There have been myriad news reports and government studies showing that the treatment of patients in nursing homes is less than ideal. However, there are many times when a home is the only option for someone who can no longer take care of themselves.

Nursing homes have special equipment and their employees have the training necessary to take care of an invalid. They can provide care 24 hours a day and they have doctors on staff who should be able to care for patients right away. Many of them have their own ambulances, so they can get a person to the hospital right away if it is necessary.

Unfortunately, nursing homes are often understaffed. Working in a nursing home is a stressful job that requires long hours of physical labor. The job does not pay particularly well and often times doctors, nurses, and RNAs will choose to work elsewhere.

What are bedsores?

A bedsore is an ulcer on the skin. They are generally red in color and they are often raised. They may be filled with pus. If they are not treated, they can break open and become infected.

What Causes Bedsores

Bedsores can be caused by immobility, friction, or shearing. When a person is in one position for a long period of time, the increased pressure can interfere with blood flow and that can cause sores.

If a patient’s skin is constantly rubbing against sheets the friction can often cause the sores to happen. When a person’s body moves in the opposite direction of a bed that they are on, this can cause sheering which may damage the skin. Hence a nursing home staff member should be very careful when moving a patient.

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Negligence in Nursing Homes

Bedsores can be avoided if the nursing home staff members make their rounds promptly and move patients on a regular basis. However, overworked and underpaid employees often can not make it from one bed to another in a timely fashion.

If a nursing staff member is improperly trained, they may not know how to move a patient correctly and that can cause damage to a patient’s skin and bones.

Maintaining a healthy diet is also important to avoid bedsores. Nursing homes will often feed patients a high starch, high-fat diet.

When a nursing home takes your money or an insurance company’s funds, they are obligated to provide quality medical care to your loved one. If they do not, this is considered negligence. If your loved one is a victim of negligence, you can sue the company.

Finding an Attorney

If you want to litigate against a nursing company, you will want to hire an attorney who has years of experience in personal injury and elder law. A good attorney will keep themselves apprised of changes to the law in the state of New York. They will have an excellent reputation with the state’s bar association and they will be able to provide you with references. Nursing homes have a lot of money and they can afford the very best lawyers, so you will need an attorney of the same caliber to negotiate with them. Click here for more information.