So, it has happened, the stick has turned blue, and emotions are scattering. You feel like your world has suddenly turned upside down and even the universe is against you. Still, you cannot ignore the flashes of joy at the thought that you will become a mother soon although that is clouded by fear almost immediately. You are not sure you are ready for this because everything is happening too fast. The best thing to do is breathe.

If you are pregnant and are not willing to keep it to term, there are things you need to consider before getting that abortion. There are the things to think about before taking that big step, and some of them are discussed in the following part of this article. Read on.

Take a pregnancy test

The first thing to be sure about is whether you are pregnant or not. It is an answer you need now – it just cannot be put on hold. This should probably be after you realize that you have missed your period. It is advisable to take the test as soon as possible, or about 21 days after the last time you had unprotected sex. Good thing is that you can buy your own test for the urine test, but if you are indecisive, have the blood test done.

Accept and make a decision

After determining that you are pregnant, it is important that you accept it. An important fact to take note of is that you are not alone. Many people in the country get unwanted pregnancies. While this is not an easy thing, it is essential that you try to control yourself and have the right attitude from the onset.

The next crucial thing to do is make a decision. You need time to think things through but remember that time is not on your side. Bear in mind that you still have three options: pregnancy, adoption, or abortion. Focusing on your life now and the future can help you in making the decision.

The type of abortion

The sort of abortion that you can use will depend on how far along your pregnancy is. The two types of abortions are a medication or surgical one. Breaking it down, the medication abortion involves taking two pills, one called the mifepristone and the second called misoprostol. It is important that you know where to get the abortion pill – you should get it from a professional medical practitioner.

What are the possible side effects of abortion?

The other thing you need to know before making that big decision is the side effects of abortion. They range from emotional to physical effects and vary from one woman to another. Just like any other medical procedure, chances of complications cannot be ruled out. They may include infection of the womb, excessive bleeding and some of the pregnancy remaining in the womb.

Many women are always concerned about their future pregnancies after having an abortion. The truth is that having an abortion using either option has a very slim chance of affecting your future pregnancies.