Incontinence is a serious problem among the elderly patients. Uncontrollable bladder and leakage is sheer cause of embarrassment and inconvenience can undermine your confidence and dignity. Adult diapers found in the market can save you from awkwardness and give you the much-needed comfort and ease when you are out among people at work or at neighbor’s house, or while travelling. There is a wide array of adult pads, pads for daytime use and overnight pads. In contrast to daytime diapers, overnight pads allow maximum absorbency and these are particularly designed to contain more fluid. Owing to their tab style, they require seldom changing thus enabling an adult to stay at ease and attend to his chores without discomfort.

Adult Incontinence PadsIncontinence guards, liners and pads are contoured for adults suffering from minor incontinence problems. All are uniformly designed to ensure that they can be placed inside underwear so as to absorb leaks. Check out the tab style that enables in less frequent changing. Today, the market shows an emerging trend among different companies focused on producing incontinence pads that are gender-specific and are quintessentially categorized as male or female pads. Read the following to learn about three most popular quality incontinence pads for adults.

3 Popular Quality Adult incontinence Pads

  • Overnight incontinence pads or most absorbent diapers- The overnight disposable diapers are meant to hold large amount of fluid. They have maximum absorbency that you can imagine. These are latex-free and they ensure uninterrupted sleep. The diapers are made out of breathable fabric, built with full-rise waist panel and these are designed with breathable fabric. If you are looking for regular sizes, then they are supported by plastic material on the outer cover, whereas size X diapers are contoured with cloth-like outer cover. Besides, its technically intricate absorbent pores ensure skin dryness and irritations-free solutions along with pH neutralization and odor control. The pads are stitched with stretch polymer to enhance comfort and induce patient’s mobility.
  • Reusable/Washable/disposable briefs- It is upon you whether you want to choose reusable or disposable or washable briefs. It depends on your incontinence level and where you want to wear them. The disposable diapers are most sought-after owing to their advanced polymer technology and quality polymer cores embedded with the lower layers of textiles (plastic or paper or both). The washable, reusable briefs come with cotton comfort and allow the non-bulky feeling of any standard underwear. The design and fabric quality are meant to protect your skin. Besides, the quality is environmental-friendly and is highly cost-effective. The reusable ones are chosen by those with light incontinence, and are meant best for small amount or occasional urine loss. Check out the disposable briefs that are capable of holding more than 6 ounces of fluid and even some can hold as much as 100 ounces.
  • Buy protective underwear that work like pull up diapers that are disposable and absorbent. These are meant for adults that are supported by elastic bands that are worn around the wearer’s waist. These are heavy-protective underwear that offers exceptional comfort and it feels like regular underwear offering heavy protection in case of heavy incontinence. Also, the underwear comes with extended capacity core that ensure odor control and dryness, enabling to keep your skin dry and irritation-free. It comes with anti-leakage guard that helps in maximum containment. Besides, you can find more discreet styles that are gender-specific. The best part is that the underwear gently hugs your body and you can move around and attend to daily activities with ease.
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