In recent years, scientists have begun to change the way they view health. At one time, health was little more than the maintenance of specific health-related statistics like blood pressure, weight, BMI and so forth. While these are often used by doctors as helpful indices to help regulate overall health, they are not very effective in telling us what is going on at a cellular level. And in the last several years, scientists have begun to look more closely at the effect environment can have on the body at the cellular level.

Your Health is More Than Statistics

Scientists have become convinced that your overall health is largely determined by the condition of literally billions of cells that function together to make up the tissues, organs and organ systems that make up your body. At the cellular level, there are millions upon millions of chemical processes that are taking place constantly that make metabolic processes possible. These physiological processes involve the essential metabolic functions including the processing of vitamins, amino acids and various trace elements. When your body is nutritionally deficient, it will not be able to process nutrients, vitamins and amino acids at the cellular level properly, which will eventually lead to disease and the wholesale dysfunction of major organ systems.

Why Cellular Health is Important

The cells are literally the building blocks of your body and need to function properly in order to maintain proper health. There are several ways that cellular health can become compromised, most of which are environmental in nature. The cells in your body are subject to environmental dangers from a variety of different forces including solar radiation, environmental toxins, ingested toxins and stress. All of these environmental factors can cause cellular damage that can eventually compromise your health.

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It is almost impossible for people to realize the extent of their cellular damage until they begin to experience the symptoms of illness and disease. If you wait to until you are experiencing the symptoms of illness, you will actually have to treat disease rather than maintain health. Therefore, before you begin to experience symptoms of illness, it is a good idea to find ways to maintain cellular health.

Maintaining Cellular Health

There are several simple things that you can do to maintain your cellular health. While many of these, like proper hydration and a healthy diet seem obvious, the truth is that much of our cellular damage comes from exposure to chemicals and other toxins found in the environment and in the foods and beverages we consume. However, if you take a few simple steps you can go far to maintain your cellular health in a meaningful way.

Maintain Proper Hydration – our cells require proper hydration to function properly. If you consume diuretic foods and beverages regularly, you will be making it more difficult for your cells to function properly. Therefore, consuming water, green tea and other drinks that help maintain hydration is essential to cellular health.

Fight Free Radicals With Antioxidant Foods – antioxidant foods, like acai and goji berries are known to help maintain cellular health by absorbing free radical molecules that can cause serious damage at the cellular level. Eating healthy nuts, fruits and berries can really help you restore and maintain your health at the cellular level.

Take a Redox Supplement – redox supplements, replenish essential redox molecules in our cells. Redox signaling molecules are an essential part of your body’s cellular maintenance system. Without them, your body can not generate or activate essential antioxidant molecules that can positively impact cellular health. Restoring these essential molecules can help you rejuvenate and restore damaged cells.

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Reduce Stress – Stress is another factor that compromises cellular health, causing the deterioration of cells to accelerate. By reducing stress levels in your life, through meditation or cognitive behavioral therapy, you can go a long way toward restoring your cellular health.

As we age, environmental stressors and toxins can cause our defenses to weaken and our cellular health to decline. Through a proper diet, exercise, stress reduction and the use of Redox supplements, you can rejuvenate your body at the cellular level and restore your cellular health.