Over the many years, plants have evolved to produce a large variety of compounds – some for attraction, some for protection, and some even for both. A large amount of these compounds exhibit antioxidative properties due to the need for protection from the Sun – UV irradiation and air – highly reactive oxygen molecules.

For us, the use of antioxidants has highly been used in cosmetics to promote anti-aging and prevent DNA damage in cell nuclei and skin cancer formation by stopping general radical molecule reactivity in our bodies. However, the general public is also noticing general health benefits from simple supplementing with anti-oxidants in their diet to promote various health benefits.

Plant-sourced antioxidants are especially attractive because, typically, they are less toxic and highly effective due to the similarities with compounds found in our bodies. Therefore, in this article, we are suggesting three very promising plant antioxidants that can boost your health so keep on reading.


Due to the phenolic part, Hydroxytyrosol shows exceptionally high antioxidative potential. Scientists highly emphasize hydroxytyrosol’s ability to neutralize molecules responsible for the aging of our skin and the damage to our DNA –  reactive oxygen species

Moreover, research shows that hydroxytyrosol can promote the body’s natural ability to prevent these reactive molecules from doing damage via several cellular metabolic pathways. Scientists are proposing several mechanisms for how hydroxytyrosol can promote these benefits like the ability to induce phase II detoxifying enzymes. These enzymes are directly responsible to reduce the reactivity of these molecules and increasing the ability of our body to excrete them.

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Caffeic acid

Caffeic acid is known for many health benefits but the most prominent of all is its high antioxidant potential. Due to the chemical structure, it can either neutralize reactive oxygen and nitrogen species directly or interact with heavy metals that are producing reactive radicals to remove them from our bodies. All of this leads to aging of the skin, healthy lipid oxidation, and other processes.

Currently, many skin products contain caffeic acid. It helps not only when it is applied, but also shows prolonged antioxidative effects as it is absorbed and stored in the skin.


Luteolin is a part of flavonoid-type compounds, that are known for their anti-oxidative properties. Many supplements and skin products contain luteolin to promote all the health benefits anti-oxidants provide like protection from UV damage, DNA damage, and much more. Thanks to its structure of polyphenolic moieties, it can react with reactive oxygen molecules to neutralize them preventing damage for example DNA, healthy lipids, or proteins in our bodies.

Also, luteolin is known to mobilize our body’s natural ability to promote anti-oxidative protection by several cellular pathways.

In conclusion

In this article, we have just scratched the surface of many compounds that nature can provide to use to protect us from the unwelcomed effects of oxidative stress, but we hope, that you have gained some insight into why nature and plants are such wonderful tools, to heal and promote better living.