There comes a time in parent’s life which is not the exciting as well as terrifying and that time is the time when your child starts secondary school. Being a parent you might worry about your little ones, will they be able to manage their secondary school, will they be able to make new friends, and will they be able to cope up with homework. But as a parent one should understand that as they settle with their secondary school their little ones would also and need not to worry about them.

Here are some tips to make your little ones transition from primary to senior school easier and you can also ensure their new chapter to begin smoothly and successfully.


Have a talk with your little ones about the changes they should face while moving from the top class of primary school to the bottom class of secondary school. It is an obvious fact that your child might feel nervous but as a parent it should be your duty to listen to all his anxieties and by doing so you will make your child feel more secure. It might be possible that your kids might have problem finding relevant places or their classes as their secondary school will be much larger than their primary one. You should understand that they would have more complicated lessons and need a tuition in Singapore which will help them cope better with their curriculum. The kids may also require more concentration and apart from that they will also have a deadline which they need to stick with. You should always have talk with them so that they don’t get depressed with the work load.

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There is a possibility that your kids would have mixed feelings about their upcoming changes or transitions. Encourage them to share their feelings or talk about it. There are issues that they might face such as making new friends, bullying or how they will get to school, being a parent has a talk with them on such topics.


The first day of the secondary school can be mixed with feelings and your child might be nervous or possibly be worried about something that you haven’t done or you have forgotten to buy. You need to make sure that your children’s uniform is ready, he has kept is school shoes polished and their sports bag is packed properly. Most of the secondary schools expect their children to carry pencil case, pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, calculator and geometry set.


Make sure that you encourage your children to get into routine and help them take away stress. You need to make sure that your child goes early to bed during his school times and everything is ready night before.


Plan out the journey together and take assistance from smiletutor
 to carve the road ahead better.