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2019 is a period of time travel, the advancement of technology and the accessibility of cosmetic procedures means that you can look the same age as you did in 2008 maybe even 1998!  Looking good stems from your interior, how you are feeling at the core of your being. Feelings of insecurity and doubt can negatively impact your confidence and consequently your personal branding and others perceptions of your ability and personal traits.

You know when you are feeling your best, you are motivated and feel as if you can conquer any challenge thrown your way. No task is too frustrating and your patience for even the most difficult of co-workers seems unwavering. But why is it that we aren’t at the optimum everyday?

To improve your physical and mental wellbeing and ensure you look and feel as best you can, our team have compiled a list of tips to look and feel amazing.

Let’s start with the obvious. You have heard it all before but I am here to ensure that the foundation of your success includes the most crucial elements to a healthy life.



With 90% of your brain and 70% of your body being composed of water, the significance of water consumption to your ability to function at optimum cannot be underestimated. The National Academy of medicine (NAM) recommends letting thirst guide your water consumption, with a standard water consumption being 3.7litres and 2.7litres for the average male and female respectively.




Who wouldn’t love more sleep, but balancing the busy schedule of everyday life can sometimes make the suggested 8 hours seem dream-like (pardon the pun). Don’t fret just yet, getting a deeper, better quality sleep in less hours is possible if you commit to regular exercise, cutback on the screen time, eat a maximum of 2 hours before bed and modify your environment.

It does sound like a long list of considerations however by making these small changes you could save yourself hours of wasted poor quality sleep time.




The release of endorphins during exercise will simply make you feel happier, relieve stress and reduce the perception of pain. Of course, exercise also has the added benefits of weight lost helping you feel confident and sexy in your own skin.

On the topic of skin, exercise reduces the amount of oxidative stress in the body, which results in the antioxidant defenses unable to repairs the damages that free radicals cause to cells, deteriorating your skin.

Now that you are starting to feel happier within yourself, let’s focus our attention on your spiritual well being. Increasing motivation and centering your focus on a cause that you are passionate about can assist in your confidence, ability to learn and willingness to network. Here are some suggestions to start you off:


Podcasts, Blogs, Motivational speakers

Entrepreneur, artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci said “Learning never exhausts the mind”. In the age of technology, we are surrounded by an abundance of opportunities to learn from our peers.

Be inspired by TEDTalk presentations, learn from StarTalk Radio and RadioLab or be enthralled by author Mark Manson and James Clear. Humility in learning is one of the best character attributes an individual can possess.



Indulging in a giggle or throwing out a smile can not only make someone else’s day but can assist in lowering stress levels. Yes, even a fake smile works just as well as the brain cannot differentiate between real or fake and interprets the facial muscle positioning in the same way. Similarly, cosmetic injectables and facial rejuvenation skin procedures will improve your overall attractiveness and improve your confidence.

It is now time to perfect perfection as we assess how to improve your overall physical appeal.  Appearance matters more than we like to think, for many appearance defines their identity. Your appearance is the first part of your brand that is on display for the public, so there is no underestimating the benefits of a wardrobe refresh or beauty makeover.


Cosmetic Enhancement

With the Kardashians rise to fame and the spotlight on new English princesses and those soon-to-be, there is no wonder why the idea of perfectionism is more prominent now than it had been five years ago.

Achieving amazing and long-term results when it comes to body toning and facial rejuvenation is daunting and for many unattainable. There are many myths surrounding breast and body procedures, but there are more individuals going under the knife and the level of professional expertise is exceptional.


Beauty Makeover


Complete your new self of sense of identity with a beauty makeover. A spring-clean of your wardrobe will ensure that all your clothes are fitting to your body shape and that each individual piece is something that you treasure and love.

Taking time to spoil yourself with some new accessories to dress up last seasons dress or adding a touch of fierce red or summer blonde to your hair can transform your look in its entirety.