If you are like most people, you think about heading to the emergency room when an urgent situation arises. For example, if you accidentally slammed your hand in the car door and your finger appears to be broken, you may be eager to walk into the emergency room for an x-ray and treatment. Another option that is easy to overlook is your local urgent care clinic. There are actually several important reasons why an urgent care clinic should be your first option.

Urgent Care Clinics Are Equipped to Handle Minor Emergencies

There are instances when a visit to the emergency room is critical, such as if you believe that you are having a heart attack or are facing a serious, life-or-death situation. However, urgent care clinics like Emergency Care Dynamics are well-equipped to handle most minor emergencies. For example, most of these clinics have imaging capabilities, such as for x-rays. Simply contact the urgent care clinic to inquire about their ability to treat you if you have questions.

You May Save a Substantial Amount of Money

An emergency room visit is considered to be equivalent to hospital treatment by most health insurance companies. The co-pay for this type of visit may be much more expensive than the co-pay for an emergency room visit. Remember that the hospital or urgent care clinic that you visit should be covered by your plan. Unless you are dealing with a critical situation, contact the insurance company beforehand to determine which location you should head to for treatment.

Your Wait May Be Shorter

Many people have heard nightmarish stories about people waiting in crowded emergency room lobbies for hours while they are in intense pain or having other very significant symptoms. Urgent care clinics usually have shorter wait times. Some even allow you to check-in online so that you can be seen as soon as you arrive.

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You May Be Able to Get Home Faster

Getting into a treatment room at a hospital or an urgent care clinic is one thing, but it is another thing altogether to get treatment from a medical professional. While each medical setting is different, you may receive more personalized attention at an urgent care clinic. This could mean that you are in and out of the clinic faster than you otherwise would be in an emergency room.

Emergency rooms serve a critical purpose in the case of a true medical emergency. However, you may enjoy a better overall experience if you seek treatment for minor emergencies in an urgent care clinic. Consider exploring clinics near your location the next time you need immediate medical assistance.