Tooth Extraction Why People Need to Have their Wisdom Teeth Removed

Most people eventually need to have their wisdom teeth removed. For many people this is the first tooth extraction they undergo, and while it is a more complex procedure than the extraction of front teeth, having your wisdom teeth removed when recommended can allow room for your other teeth and eliminate pain. It may also prevent infection or other problems that could threaten your oral health. Here are some of the reasons that wisdom teeth need to be removed.


Impacted teeth are teeth that don’t fully erupt or emerge through the gums. They are trapped under the gums, which can cause infection and pain. Wisdom teeth, which are the final set of molars (back teeth) are often impacted. This is because they are the last back teeth and sometimes do not have enough room to fit into proper position among the other teeth.

Angled Position

When wisdom teeth do manage to come through the gums fully, sometimes the lack of room causes them to twist and wind up in an odd, angled position. Sometimes they may even come in horizontally. When wisdom teeth are angled oddly, they must be removed to allow the other teeth to function properly.


Wisdom teeth left in place can cause the other teeth to crowd. This can cause not only cosmetic issues, but issues with the bite and jaws. These problems usually require braces, and the wisdom teeth may need to be removed after all before braces can be placed.

Prevention of Future Problems

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Even when wisdom teeth are fully erupted and relatively straight, they can be difficult to clean and allow bacteria to grow. This can lead to gum disease and possible tooth loss. Wisdom teeth serve no important purpose, so it may be wise to have them extracted for prevention. Younger patients usually recover from the procedure more easily and more quickly than older patients, which is why clinics such as Smile Makers Dental suggests not waiting until you notice a problem to ask about your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth get their nickname from the fact that they come in around college age, though some people may get them earlier. Having them removed can eliminate worries about future problems, and it could prevent problems in the future that would require more complex procedures. Though your wisdom teeth may be the first teeth you have extracted, proper oral health care and regular dental checkups can help you with the goal of making them the only teeth you ever have extracted.