Smile and teeth

Implant dentistry is a relative newcomer to the world of dentistry. It has a high success rate, looks natural, fuses with the patient’s jawbone, and leads to improved oral health. One of the reasons why dental implants are so powerful is because they are made with titanium. Titanium is a metal with the amazing ability to osseo-integrate with the jawbone.

Since they were first introduced in the 1970’s, dental implants have gone through a series of improvements. Currently, scores of dental implant options are available and countless amounts of people around the world have improved their life thanks to them.

Understanding What Dental Implants Are

To understand the dental implant options available, it is first important to understand how a dental implant works. If you envision a real tooth, you’ll realize that it has two primary components. There is the crown, or the part that is visible, and then there is the root that is under the gums. With a dental implant, the root of the tooth is substituted for a titanium screw, and the crown, or the part of the tooth you see, is a synthetic tooth.

Popular Options for Dental Implants

There are a variety of ways to install dental implants. For example, there is the single tooth replacement where one missing tooth is replaced with a single implant.

Another option is a multiple tooth replacement. With this treatment, several missing teeth are replaced with various implants that are supported together by fixed bridge work. For example, if an individual is missing three teeth, a three-unit bridge will be used to replace the teeth. It will be made of two implant screws and three crowns.

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Temporary implants, also known as micro implants, can be used while permanent implants heal. This means that a patient will never be seen without their teeth.

Dental Implants: One Part Medicine, One Part Art

Dental implants are designed to improve the patient’s oral health while at the same time restore the aesthetics of their face. A trained cosmetic surgeon specialty firm understands that dental implants should not just be functional, they also must be aesthetically pleasing. They must restore the shape and structure of the face, match the size, shape, and color of the patient’s original teeth, and must be installed in a straight way that is aesthetically pleasing.

Dental implants have improved the lives of millions of people. They have left them with a beautiful smile that they can be pleased to show off to the world.