There are a few reasons as to why you might become addicted to alcohol. It could be because of family issues or stress from a job. Some people simply drink to make themselves feel invisible or that nothing else in the world is important. Drinking for recreation sometimes leads to an addiction as well.

There are a few signs to pay attention to that could alert you that you’re addicted to alcohol. Lying about drinking or spending more money on alcohol than the things that are important, such as food or utilities for the home, can be an indication that you have a serious problem. If you black out or need a drink before even getting the day started, then you might want to consider getting some kind of help.

Other signs include trouble in your relationships and drinking before an activity that could be dangerous, such as driving. There are some natural ways to help treat alcohol addiction before something happens to the body.

Staying Active

Try to stay as active as possible. If you have something to do to keep you busy, such as walking or taking a fitness class, then you can fill that space you might usually spend drinking by doing something productive, and you will begin to see that you feel better about the condition of your body. Physical activity usually means that you sweat, and sweating can release toxins, such as alcohol, from the body.


If you can find a quiet place to relax and meditate, then you can work to calm the mind and think about the reasons why you drink in the first place. The act of meditating can help the mind connect with the body. Yoga is a good option to consider if you want to add a little activity to the meditation process. There are several moves that are ideal to help with alcoholism, such as the Child’s Pose or the Butterfly Pose. You can research various yoga poses online to see the proper ways to do them in the home or even in a yoga class.

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Professional Help

While you might not want to talk about your problems, getting professional help might be the best option. You don’t have to take medications as talking can help you get to the root of your drinking problems. You can speak with someone who is objective and who can give you advice on how to handle situations that lead to drinking.

It’s best to get the professional mental health help early before you have to deal with a major mistake such as a DUI or DWI. Needing a DWI attorney is a major sign that your addiction is taking a toll on your ability to function in society.

Natural Oils

There are quite a few natural substances that you can use to help with alcohol addiction. One is dandelion. It can help to revive the liver and give you a bit more energy during the day. Add a teaspoon of dry dandelion root to boiling water, letting it sit there for about five minutes. Drink this tea two to three times each day. Coconut oil is another option. It helps to improve the functions of the brain and the mental health.


Dates, although small, can be consumed to help with alcohol addiction. They can clean the body of the alcohol that is inside, which can help you get on the road to recovery. Avoid eating too many during the day as they can irritate the stomach.

Before spending a lot of money on medications and other treatments, there are some natural things that you can try to treat alcohol addiction. The key is to finding the reason you drink so that you can deal with the emotional and mental issues before getting the rest of the body healthy. Consider keeping a journal about the things that you try to see what works best.

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