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Nature Woman Landscape Beauty Look Beautiful Hair

ong and shiny hair! It is the desire of all women to have longer, healthier, and voluminous hair. It not just improves their overall appearance but also boosts their self-confidence.

However, not all women are lucky enough to have long and healthy hair. We are living in an age where we are exposed to harmful chemicals at every step. Everything from the air we breathe to the cosmetics we use and the foods we eat is laden with chemicals that can make our hair dry, dull and prone to breakage.

The chemical additives and preservatives in foods can weaken the hair roots resulting in hair fall.

If you want to have healthier and longer hair, you must first protect your hair and scalp against these chemicals and provide nourishment to your hair roots and shaft.

Below is the list of top 7 vitamins that can promote hair growth naturally by protecting and nourishing your hair roots and shafts.

However, while we discuss the role of vitamins, do not forget the minerals. It is important to make sure your diet comprises of essential minerals such as iron, manganese, zinc, and selenium for preventing hair fall.

Zinc, for example, can play a role in improving blood circulation within the scalp. This can promote the supply of essential nutrients including vitamins and antioxidants to the hair roots thereby making them stronger and resistant to breakage and fall.

Ensuring your body receive a good supply of iron can improve the flow of oxygen to the hair roots. This can support cellular activities within the hair follicles including regeneration of new follicles. This property of iron can be beneficial for supporting the growth of new hair and the repair of damaged shafts.

This indicates why minerals are as essential for the health of your hair as are vitamins. Besides the direct benefits of minerals that we just discussed; they can also provide a few indirect benefits to enhance hair growth by supporting an efficient metabolism of vitamins in the body.

Minerals like selenium and magnesium help in the absorption of vitamins from the food we eat thereby improving the efficiency with which they can promote hair growth. Thus, minerals work together with vitamins to achieve a harmonious balance in the cells of our body including hair follicles and shafts.

Some of the best natural sources of iron include green leafy vegetables and fruits like apples. Zinc can be found in abundance in nuts, seeds, dairy products, and whole grains. Now, let us have a look at the top 7 vitamins which can enhance hair growth.


Which Vitamins Are The Best For Improving Hair Growth?

1.   Vitamin A For Hydration

Most women complain their hair look dry and dull in spite of using conditioners. The reason could be lack of hydration or moisturization in the hair shafts. If your hair does not receive an optimum amount of hydration, they can become dull and brittle due to which they can break easily.

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You can avoid this problem by consuming foods rich in vitamin A. Research studies have revealed that a deficiency of vitamin A can cause hair loss.

Consuming Vitamin A rich foods would stimulate the secretion of an oily substance known as sebum in the glands in the skin of your scalp. The sebum would keep your scalp well moisturized thereby ensuring the hair shafts and roots do not become dry and dull. Some of the best natural sources of vitamin A include:

  •         Sweet potatoes
  •         Pumpkins
  •         Carrots
  •         Spinach
  •         Eggs
  •         Milk

2.   Vitamin B7 For Enhanced Nourishment

Research studies have linked the deficiency of vitamins B7 or biotin with hair loss. Hence, it is advisable to eat foods rich in vitamin B7 for preventing hair loss.

It can support the growth of hair by producing amino acids, which are needed for the formation of keratin. A regular intake of biotin can make the hair roots stronger and less resistant to breakage by increasing keratin levels.

Consume the foods mentioned below to ensure your body receives an adequate supply of Biotin:

  •         Nuts
  •         Eggs
  •         Cheese
  •         Whole Wheat
  •         Fish
  •         Raspberries
  •         Cauliflower

3.   Vitamin B6 For Enhanced Oxygen Supply

Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine plays a role in the formation of red blood cells that carry oxygen and other nutrients to the hair follicles and scalp. So, when you eat vitamin B6 rich diet, your hair roots and shafts would receive an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients thereby promoting hair growth.

Foods rich in vitamin B include:

  •         Whole grains
  •         Dark, leafy greens
  •         Almonds
  •         Fish
  •         Meat

4.   Vitamin C For Growth

You must ensure your diet comprises of vitamin C rich foods to protect the hair roots and shafts against damage by chemicals in foods and cosmetics and environmental pollutants. Vitamin C acts as a natural antioxidant and protects the hair against damage and weakening.

Research studies have also shown that vitamin C intake can help reduce hair fall significantly in women suffering from iron deficiency anemia.

You can ensure your body receives an adequate supply of vitamin C by eating foods such as:

  •         Citrus fruits like oranges, and grapes
  •         Lemon
  •         Strawberries
  •         Guava
  •         Peppers
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5.   Vitamin D For New Hair Follicles

If you want your hair to be thick and voluminous, you must include vitamin D rich foods in your diet. Research studies have indicated that this nutrient may play a role in the formation of new hair follicles from which new hair can grow.

Vitamin D may also promote hair production, and make the hair thicker and longer. Your body can produce vitamin D when the skin is exposed to the sun’s rays. The best dietary sources of vitamin D include:

  •         Cod liver oil
  •         Fatty fish
  •         Egg yolk
  •         Vitamin D fortified foods

6.   Vitamin E For Hair Strengthening

Vitamin E can nourish the hair follicles and promote the growth of new hair. It can also make the hair longer and shinier by preventing damage to the shafts by external factors like pollutants.

It is believed to work by producing a natural antioxidant effect. It can reduce hair fall significantly by strengthening the hair follicles. It may also stimulate the growth of hair and prevent split ends thus making the hair thick and voluminous.

The best natural sources of vitamin E are:

  •         Sunflower seeds
  •         Almonds
  •         Spinach
  •         Avocados

7.   Vitamin B12 For Graying Of Hair

Premature graying of hair can affect the personality of a person adversely. While there are several hair dyes available to color your hair black, it can expose your hair roots to harmful chemicals in the products. Also, the results of using a hair dye cannot be matched with naturally black hair.

If you suffer from graying of hair, you can eat foods containing vitamin B12 or cobalamin. This nutrient can nourish the hair shafts and prevent loss of pigments that are responsible for the natural color of your hair. A regular intake of vitamin B12 rich foods may reduce the graying of hair and restore the natural hair color.

The best foods sources of vitamin B12 include:

  •         Dairy products
  •         Fish
  •         Eggs
  •         Poultry
  •         Meat


The Bottom-Line

Most hair problems including hair fall, breakage, split ends, and graying can be managed by simply making a few changes in your diet. Eating foods containing vitamins can nourish the hair follicles and shafts and strengthen them. These vitamins can also promote hair growth and make the hair longer, and thicker.

Hence, it is advisable to eat foods rich in these nutrients to enhance your hair growth and make the hair healthier and shinier. It will not just improve your overall appearance but also help you feel more confident.