Handling pets can at times be challenging because of some of the conditions they experience. Just like your child, you should handle your pet with the utmost care to ensure they give you company for the longest time possible. Proper feeding is one habit you need to observe. You should provide them with the right meals that will ensure they grow strong and healthy. A balanced meal with the right amount of fluids is suitable for your pet. Ensuring your pet gets proper medical care will also guarantee it good health.


You can hire a personal veterinarian who will be checking out on your pets regularly. Understanding some of the conditions these creatures face will guide you in knowing the right step to take when they are having some rough time. One condition prevalent in most pets is separation anxiety. It is a type of anxiety in animals, mostly those that are domesticated which arises when they are left or separated from their owners for a long while. This condition is common in dogs. You should be able to read the signs and know the right measures to take.

You might come home to a cat or dog that is leaving drops of pee in every corner of your house. This should be a reason to worry because your pet might be suffering from the condition. You might also see it isolating itself from people or other animals. It is another sign your pet is suffering from separation anxiety. Other visible symptoms of this condition include panting and producing a lot of noise. There are different things you can do to treat these creatures.

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Treating Separation Anxiety

The best ways to calm your cat or dog from separation anxiety include:

Cannabidiol (CBD)

You can give your pet CBD Oil for Dogs or if it is a cat you offer those meant for cats. These are products made using CBD, a natural chemical compound extracted from cannabis. CBD is known for its medicinal value. It can treat several conditions in humans and animals. Anxiety is one of them. When you administer any of these products to your pet, it will be absorbed faster into its system to bring about that calming effect. You should give your dog CBD Oil for Dogs if you want to see it calm and in the right mood again.

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Use Your Clothes

You can use your clothes to reduce the chances of your pet experiencing separation anxiety. Leaving it with clothes you’ve won recently and those which smell like you will help alleviate this kind of tension in them. This makes your pets feel your presence. They will always think you are around and lead their normal lives.

Being Unpredictable

You should always be unpredictable whenever you are coming or going. Your cat or dog should not be able to tell whether you are about to leave or when you are coming. This will help train it to think that you are always around all the time. They can also cope with the situation even when you are going on long trips.


There are several things you can do to distract your pet whenever you are leaving or won’t be around. You can leave something for them to chew. This will keep them company for as long as you will be out. The other thing you can do is leave your TV on. Doing so will make them think that there is someone in the house. The chances of experiencing separation anxiety will be minimal if you try out all these.

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