Everyone wants to stay fit and live healthy for a long time. Illness and constant doctor visits are not what anyone wants. Today people are fighting the battle between life and death by attracting many heart and other ailments. Our heart is the most crucial organ that we have and should be taken good care of. Today, there are a host of heart problems that occur! One of the most common names is Cardiac Arrhythmias. It comes with its set of symptoms that you can’t avoid. However, not everyone can gauge these symptoms well. Only an ace heart clinic can identify the signs and can provide the correct line of treatment

What is Cardiac Arrhythmias?

Simply put, a Cardiac Arrhythmias case happens when there are electrical impulses that affect the heartbeat. It causes the heart to beat at fast rhythms. Alternatively, your heartbeat can also be suddenly very slow. The apparent feeling is that of a racing heart or heart fluttering. Sometimes, this sensation might indicate stress and is harmless. On the other hand, there have been Cardiac Arrhythmias cases, where immediate medical intervention was the need of the hour.

Identifying the symptoms

There are several symptoms of Cardiac Arrhythmias. If you are out of your hometown and witness irregular heartbeats, you should consult a heart clinic at the earliest. For instance, if you are in Singapore, you need to reach out to expert names like Julian Tan heart specialist in Singapore.

Many symptoms go unnoticed! And therefore, never treated or cured. That is a dangerous state to be. Discussed below are three of the critical symptoms that only an ace heart specialist can identify.

  1. Extra heartbeats
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Most often than not, people don’t give additional pulses importance. They feel it’s a direct after effect of gas and indigestion. The truth is Cardiac Arrhythmias leads to premature ventricular and premature atrial complexes which should be treated medically, to prevent the chances of happening again.

  1. Palpitations

Sometimes, palpitations get mistaken as hypertension and anxiety! During excess palpitations, you notice that you are skipping your heartbeat altogether. You will witness irregular heartbeats on an end-to-end basis. These heart palpitations can affect multiple people in varied ways. Some people get nervous while there are others who stay within their balance and calm. Usually, a Cardiac Arrhythmias is capable of producing tachycardia as well as bradycardia. Only an ace heart specialist clinic can address and treat the same in a medically correct way.

  1. Light-headedness

One of the most popular symptoms includes light-headedness. When you witness this symptom during a Cardiac Arrhythmias, it usually happens when the person is all upright. It occurs when the person is engaged in anything active. So for instant relief, you can count on lying down and resting. However, a severe form of the same as in a cardiac arrest. And to avoid this situation, you need to get to the heart clinic.

Other Cardiac Arrhythmias symptoms that need to be treated by an expert clinic are chest pain, short of breath, excess palpitations, dizziness, sweating and painting. Once you get in touch with an expert clinic, you can plan for a quick recovery and healing plan from this severe heart ailment.