How to Treat Frizzy Hair

When a hair weakens and splits from anywhere near its shaft, it is defined as frizziness and curly hair is especially prone to it. It is a known fact how tough it is to control your mane and wish to treat frizzy hair. Lack of vital nutrients hair products and heat treatments are all responsible for damaged and dry hair that becomes frizzy. While there are some frizzy hair products that are extremely effective, they are also hard to find and very expensive in most cases. In this scenario, people can manage their wayward hair with some simple tricks and techniques at home. They are listed as follows:

Protein Masks

This is a home remedy for frizzy hair, which can rehydrate the hair and help it smooth down. Take 3 ½ ounces of warm water and mix two egg yolks into it. Two drops of rosemary oil, three teaspoons of clear honey and three drops of sandalwood oil should then be added. The mixture should be stirred thoroughly and then applied to the hair from the roots up till the ends. Take a towel or shower cap for wrapping the hair and leave the mixture applied for about an hour. Use lukewarm water for rinsing it out and dry your hair with the help of a towel. This protein should be used twice on a weekly basis.

Fruit Mask

Take one overripe banana and mix it with the fruit of one ripe avocado. The mask should be massaged onto the hair and left for about 15 minutes. Use lukewarm water for rinsing the hair and then people can condition, shampoo and style the hair as usual.

Egg Yolks

Two egg yolks should be beaten until they are foam. This mixture should be applied all over the entire scalp and then worked all over the hair from the roots till the very end. Allow this mixture to sit for about 5 minutes and then use lukewarm water for rinsing it thoroughly.

Olive Oil

Shampoo your hair and then towel-dry it. Take a stovetop saucepan for heating about three tablespoons of olive oil or do so in the microwave. The olive oil should be worked into the hair gently and left on for about half an hour. Hair should be shampooed again and your regular conditioner should be used.


Hair should be shampooed and towel-dried first and then two tablespoons of mayonnaise should be massaged on it. Take a plastic wrap for wrapping your hair first and then use a warm towel for same. For about half an hour, leave both the wraps on the hair. Then shampoo your hair again and apply your usual hair conditioner.


Enough beer should be placed for coating your hair into a spray bottle. The beer should be evenly sprayed over the hair after shampooing and towel-drying it and people should style their hair as usual. The smell of the beer will dissipate very quickly and people will be left with shinier and healthier hair.