Fastest Way to Burn Belly Fat

When individuals are trying to lose weight, the most complained about and problematic issue for them is the fat surrounding the belly. In comparison to other parts of the body, belly fat can be very difficult to lose because it tends to be a bit stubborn, especially when people start getting older. No magical or miraculous solution has been discovered till now that can be beneficial for you to burn belly fat. However, it is possible for people to maximize the burning of the belly fat and lose the excess fat effectively and quickly if they work hard and combine an intensive core-strengthening and cardiovascular exercise program with a change in the eating habits. The below mentioned instructions will definitely come in handy when you are making your attempts to burn belly fat:

  1. The most effective way to get rid of belly fat and burn calories is regular cardiovascular exercise. Any kind of activity that gets your lungs and heart pumping and working hard for a period of time is defined as cardio exercise. Biking, running and aerobics are the popular cardio activities that people can indulge in. It is recommended that this exercise should be done for about 30 to 45 minutes on a daily basis, six days of the week. The body will start burning fat if you exercise for at least half an hour. Optimal performance can be achieved if you take a day off every week for resting and recovery.
  2. Exercises that strengthen your abdominal and core muscles should be done. Lower back, abdominal and chest muscles make up your core area. Muscles make it easy for the body to get rid of fat because they boost metabolism. Your body will naturally start burning belly fat if core muscle strength is boosted. Push-ups, yoga, crunches, pilates and sit-ups are some of the exercises that can be done for this purpose. Maximum burn is achieved if these exercises are done three times a week.
  3. Make changes to your diet. It is essential to adjust your daily diet according to your workout regimen. More protein should be consumed such as fish or lean meat and green leafy vegetables like romaine lettuce or spinach should be taken. Your muscles will develop and strengthen faster with the extra protein. Consumption of carbohydrates should be reduced because they comprise of excess calories that add fat to the body without providing any substantial nutritional or health benefits. Your belly fat will burn faster if you cut carbs like pasta, rice, flour and bread from your diet.
  4. Stress levels need to be managed and people need to get ample sleep at night. It has been shown through studies that stress leads to the release of the hormone cortisol, which leads to fat production in the belly area and increases appetite. The production of insulin is also slowed down when people don’t get enough sleep, which prevents the body from burning calories.
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As long as new habits are created such as avoiding before sleeping, drinking less caffeinated drinks and walking on a regular basis, belly fat will be burned quickly.