Lifespan means the period between birth and death. Life expectancy in the US before the coronavirus pandemic was 78.7 years. It has gone down by 0.24% after 2020, and now the life expectancy is 72.81 years. Today, the aging concept has changed. Rather than worrying just about a long lifespan, people want to live a healthy life.

The new concept is not lifespan but health span. Awareness about retirement has brought plenty of changes among people. How you grow old in a healthy and happy way makes the real difference, rather than how long you live.



People have become aware that cardiovascular diseases make your heart vulnerable to stroke or attacks, which can cause disability or death in their old age. Nevertheless, you can take steps to avoid the threat of heart attacks and paralysis. The process towards a health span starts in the childhood, and will last for all your life. 

Why is it desirable to stay healthy?

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Healthy according to different people means different things. A healthy definition in this context means living a life free from prolonged or fatal diseases. If people fall back on their healthspan, it indicates they are suffering from chronic illness or a degenerative condition.

How to stay healthy?

To lower cardiovascular problems and enjoy healthy living, there are several things people can do.

  • Stay active with a proper workout plan
  • Eat healthy food
  • Choose your drinks wisely
  • Keep cholesterol level under control
  • Monitor blood pressure
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As you age, heart muscles thicken and blood vessels grow stiff. The systolic blood pressure rises, which is the main cause of stroke and heart attack. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your blood pressure under control as you grow old.

Monitoring once a year is not sufficient, it needs to be done several times. Today, you can buy electronic devices that can help to monitor blood pressure easily at home. When you see systolic pressure rise, discuss with your doctor. Be prepared to make lifestyle changes along with medication to thwart the immediate risk.

To control cholesterol levels, it is essential to be aware of what you eat. A healthy diet and lifestyle is the mantra, but several people need to take Statin medication to control their cholesterol. The side effects like muscle weakness disallow a few people from taking Statin. However, there are several more that do not experience any side effects.

Tips to healthy aging

A long healthy span does not occur magically or overnight. You will need to protect your psychological and physical health even after 50 years. Some anti aging tips to grow older gracefully are given below.

  • Learn to accept and handle the changes, because most things will keep evolving.
  • Stay connected with family and friends.
  • Find a hobby to keep yourself busy.
  • Good sleep is a necessity.
  • Eat plants of low carb, and high protein food.
  • Take brisk walks, and even do some meditation.
  • Do crossword puzzles or try new recipes to maintain mental sharpness.

People can avert at least 20% of their health issues if they give more importance to healthspan. You will have to start today!

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