Foot pain can be caused by an ingrown toenail, a callus, athlete’s foot, corns or another underlying issue. While some pain will have an obvious cause, some discomfort can be caused by other problems. Whatever the reason is, here are five remedies to consider to feel pain free again

1. Soak Away

For a stimulating treat, fill one large bowl with cool water and a different one with hot. While sitting in a chair, soak your feet for about 10 minutes in the cool water. After the 10 minutes, shift to the hot. Repeating this will help dilate and contract the blood vessels in your feet, increasing the circulation.

2. Massage

Buy a small roller intended to caress the soles of your feet, or if you don’t want to purchase one, a tennis ball will suffice. Roll your uncovered foot over the ball or roller for about 15 minutes. Try to do this twice a day to loosen up the area.

3. Buy Shoe Inserts

A lot of foot pain can be caused by improperly sized shoes. Shoe inserts, also known as orthotics, can help relieve foot pain caused by fallen arches or flat feet. These inserts can commonly be found at local medical supply stores or a reputable podiatrist office such as the Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois.

4. Stretch

Some heel pain, particularly in the morning, can often indicate plantar fasciitis, a swelling of the muscle that unites the heel to the toe base. To get relief, stretch your Achilles tendon by standing about three feet away from a wall while putting both of your hands on the wall. Move your right leg forward while bending your knee, and while doing so, keep your left leg level with your heel on the ground. When doing this, you should feel a stretch in your foot arch and heel. If you do, hold the position for 15 seconds and change to the other foot.

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5. Lotion

Calluses can often cause great pain to your feet as well. To prevent the skin from toughening up, apply a lotion with urea to the troubled areas. Also, another way to fight tough skin is by soaking your feet in warm water at least once a week and following it up by applying a moisturizing lotion.

Foot pain isn’t something you want to mess with since we use our feet so much throughout the day. While some of these techniques can help relieve the pain, it may not resolve the problem 100 percent. If you find the pain is lasting longer than expected, it’s best to talk with a medical professional for more guidance.