Hitting thirty can be such a scary time for women but haven’t you heard that your thirties are the new twenties? There are so many things that you can keep an eye on to look younger in your thirties. By taking steps to LOOK more youthful, you will also feel more confident and happy as you age.
Diet and exercise can make all the difference
The things you are putting INTO your body has a direct effect on how you look on the outside. Eating healthy MOST of the time (nobody is perfect) means that you will look years younger than what you really are. Eating fruits and vegetables will not only help to keep your body in good shape, it will also make your skin glow. Drinking plenty of water is vital because it flushes bad toxins from your body and does SO many other positive things to make you look younger. Don’t get too caught up in it but make healthy substitutions where possible and you will soon see results.

Next, let’s take about keeping your body moving – exercise keeps you in shape which will help you look younger. You will also have such a more positive attitude when you work out which will show on the outside. You don’t need to run a marathon or even join a gym, start by walking more and go from there. Working out at home is a really good idea because it doesn’t cost a penny and is also much more convenient for most people.
Your skin holds no secrets
Taking care of your skin is really important throughout your life but even more so as you hit your thirties. Don’t overdo it with a million products and go easy on the makeup. Giving your skin room to breath is really important so if you are a woman who feels she needs to wear makeup every day, maybe this is something that you can change. The skin care products that you CANNOT do without and what will make you look younger are as follows.


Cleansing your face every morning/evening with a simple product intended for that purpose is really important. Cleaning off your makeup and any grime that might be on your face is vital and can make you look younger instantly!

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After you cleanse your face, you should moisturize to get that hydration that your skin is crying out for. Dry skin ages super fast which is why moisturizer is really important for looking younger in your thirties. Look for moisturizers specifically aimed at anti-aging and also check out reviews online. Remember however that you do not need to spend a fortune to get a high-quality product.
Sun protection


Wearing an SPF product on your face on a daily basis is really important, even if you think it isn’t vital in the place you live. Wearing a moisturizer/lotion with SPF of at least 15 is usually what is recommended by dermatologists. In addition to your face, apply to your chest and the backs of your hands as these parts of the body can often age faster.
Other tips and tricks to act upon
Wear bright colors


Many people as they get older are tempted to tame down their fashion and wear dull colors but this could actually make you look older. Having the good sense of fashion can make you look younger, maybe you shouldn’t be dressing the same as a teenager, but you can still be injecting some style into your wardrobe. Remember that you can pull off anything as long as you are comfortable and wear it with confidence!
Regular haircuts


Keeping your hair in good condition and also changing your style from time to time, means that you will not get stuck in a rut.
Manage facial hair


Yes, unfortunately, when you hit 30, you might notice that you are starting to get light facial hair (usually on the upper lip/chin area). This is perfectly normal even as a woman and it’s just another beauty burden that you have to deal with it. Waxing, plucking or even laser hair removal is suggested for eliminating unwanted facial hair.
Now that you know how to look younger at 30 without tweaking your body surgically in any way, you can put these steps into action. There is no groundbreaking secret to everlasting youth, it’s about being as healthy as possible and taking care of what you have. When you start to notice the difference, you are going to want to make these changes a new lifestyle and you will be so happy as a result.

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