Want a Beautiful Smile 5 Foods and Beverages to Avoid

Some food and drink can damage your smile more so than others. Oral healthcare professionals are making it easier for patients to have the best smiles by offering advice on mouth healthcare alongside cosmetic options for the most beautiful smile possible. These are five food and beverages to avoid for a beautiful smile.

Common Drinks

Most of the drinks you enjoy are bad for your teeth. This includes coffee and tea. While these are all items that stain teeth, they also contribute to the erosion of enamel. The stain from these beverages creates a sticky surface that is likely to create more bacteria and trap food particles thus creating even more problems in the long term.

Crunchy, Hard and Sticky Foods

According to All About Smiles Incorporated, it is important to avoid certain hard foods to prevent any additional cracking or disfiguring of your teeth. You should not chew on ice, hard candies or unpopped popcorn kernels. Sticky and crunchy foods can also be harmful to your teeth. These types of foods include dried fruit and potato chips.

Foods that Stain

Some foods that may not necessarily be bad for you can also stain your teeth. Many fresh berries and fruits are stain offenders, as well as a number of sauces including tomato sauce, curry and soy sauce.

Refined Carbohydrates and Starches

Some of the lesser known contributors to weakened teeth are refined carbohydrates and some starches. Refined carbohydrates such as various types of crackers are best consumed with moderation as these foods quickly turn to sugars and they get stuck between the teeth more easily than other foods. Also, starches such as pastas and rice products are bad for your teeth.


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Food and drinks that are high in simple sugars are terrible for your teeth. This can include sugary sodas and sugary fruit juices. Do not forget that many fruit juices and sports drinks are primarily various forms of sugar rather than natural fruit juices. Be mindful of labels when you are buying these products. Also, snacks and candies that are high in sugar content are not good for your enamel. This category includes sugary breakfast cereals that are common in most households.

For the best smile, avoid these foods and beverages and do not forget to maximize the health of your mouth with cosmetic dentistry options. And, you might consider that many foods and beverages are good for your smile. Your diet can help make your smile brighter and healthier.